Blog entries for 2010

28th December 2010

Nice afternoon at the Black Bull in Aughton. Never been there before, but I enjoyed it. Played a couple of short sets, to start the afternoon and again a little bit later. Everyone was very friendly and I sold quite a few charity CD singles. Thank you, everyone.

26th Decmber 2010

Christmas slipping away into memory, I'm planning my escapades for the next week and into the new year. Hoping not to do proper work again this year either. Going to just play music again... Watch the top of the page for outings this week.

Hope y'all had a great festive. I did.

I've the nice job of paying a cheque in soon to Help for Heroes for the CD sales of the charity single. (I'll get the final figures up in a week or two.) Thanks to all who have supported this project. Couldn't have done it without you.

I've also a few gigs and a BBC radio appearance coming up. More to tell later. There'll be an album before long too.

Also, I'm talking about a new film soundtrack for 2011 (did you see the last one? Check out )

Whatever you do, have a happy and positive new year. Be a builder, not a destroyer. And peace to you all. x

23rd December 2010

Interesting night at the Topic folk club tonight, as the Holbeck Mummer's visited to perform this year's play. Lots of fun. Thanks to all who bought my charity CD. We're almost there!

19th December 2010

Wasn't sure if it would go ahead last night because of the snow, but the main guest Les Barker managed to get to Wakefield from across the Welsh border and the gig at the Red Shed was on! I played a 20 minute support before Les, who entertained us all for a couple of sets with his thoughtful and hilarious poems. I enjoyed the whole evening. Thank you to all the people who bought my CD single and further helped raise money for the charity, Help for Heroes.

18th December 2010 (2.30 a.m.)

Just got back from Burnley Folk Club. What a nice lot. They bought Cds and then donated the night's takings/collection to Help for Heroes fund. I was delighted and moved by their generosity. Thank you to Alex, Keith, Ian, and all the committee, also to Frank, Hannah and everyone else whose name I can't remember. Fab music, great people. Exciting journey home too, through the Lancashire snow, skidding sideways at times. Heh-heh. Buzzin' now ....

16th December 2010

Played a couple of short sets last night at Morley Folk Club. I think we all enjoyed it, most people joining in with the songs. Thanks to Keith for the slots and to Peter Taylor, the guest, for his good will in allowing me to sell my charity CD alongside his. And a special thanks to the many good folk who bought the CD and helped raise money for Help for Heroes.

15th December 2010

A nice night at the Abbey Inn. Thanks to all those who bought a CD and helped raise money for Help for Heroes. I'm booked there for a gig in January so I'll see some of you then, I hope.

14th December 2010

What a a great night at Skipton Folk Club last night, with Stuart and Pat's Christmas party! Great music and a lovely feeling all around. Thank you to all the people who bought my charity CD single. I'm booked there in February and I'm looking forward to it.

13th December 2010

Thanks to everyone at the Corner House Club in Leeds tonight, who sang with me and then bought a CD single. All profits will go to Help for Heroes. It was a great evening.

11th December 2010

Korks! What a great place this is. Otley Folk Club special with Duncan McFarlane and his groovy folk band! Thanks guys, for the support slot last night, and the chance to sell the CD. I enjoyed the night, especially joining in the encore and playing a bit of leccy guitar. And a big thanks to the folk who bought a CD, raising money for Help for Heroes.

10th December 2010

Thanks to the good people at the Fox and Hounds at Newmillerdam, who turned up last night and bought my charity CD. With your help we are raising more money for Help for Heroes.

8th December 2010

What a nice night, last night. It was cold and damp outside, but suddenly in the Swan at Addingham, there appeared a crowd of smiling people in a cosy warm room, who sang along and then all bought a CD (well about half of them.) Thanks to everyone. I'm off to the Grove in Leeds tonight. Should be quite busy I think.

(later that night) ... another good night at the Grove in Leeds! Some great other performers and a lovely, enthusiastic audience, many of who bought a charity CD from me. Thank you to all who were there and especially those who helped raise more money for Help for Heroes. I'm playing at the Fox and Hounds in Newmillerdam tomorrow. Come along, you're very welcome.

7th December 2010

Thanks again to some wonderful people, this time of Barnsley Folk and Acoustic club last night, for buying the CD and helping raise money for Help for Heroes. Barnsley is a friendly, growing club and these days they have a nice warm room to perform in, at the Trades Club.

Tonight, I'm singing the songs at the Swan Acoustic session in Addingham. Come and join us and buy a CD at The Swan, 101 Main Street, Addingham, LS29 0NS. It will be nice to see you.

6th December 2010

After a slippery start with the snow, things have perked up a bit. The good people of Leeds and Hebden Bridge shelled out for their charity CDs over the weekend and we're well up towards triple figures.

Since I'm mainly selling them at performances where people can hear me sing the songs, I'm aiming to get out every night in December to promote it. Come and see me and bring at least 2 (you can pay more than the asking price and I can promise that every extra penny profit goes straight to the charity, "Help for Heroes." I'll be posting some figures in January.)

All the performers including myself have given their time and efforts free and the cost of recording and promoting the CD (petrol etc. sometimes over long distances) is being met by me, so be assured that there is a big profit margin for the charity with every copy sold.

Through the cold weather, the atmosphere is always warm when we are singing these songs! See you soon.

1st December 2010

Well, it's here! The new single is out. At 2 a copy, the 3 track CD "Hard World - songs for peace" is now available for sale. I will be selling it each night that I perform in December (while stocks last!) to raise money for the charity, "Help for Heroes".

Watch the "Dates of forthcoming gigs" list at the top of this page and this should show all gigs and floor spots, by lunchtime on the day they will happen. (Private events will not be shown here and booked gigs have already been listed for some time.) Looking forward to lots of you buying a CD! Merry Christmas to y'all.

(later same evening) Bah! The snow has choked the city. Even buses and taxis are skidding around or sitting silently at the side of the road. I've come home with a big box of CDs and a burnt out clutch on the car......! (well nearly...)  Sorry, everyone. Tonight's outing is cancelled but also our great gig at the Topic in Bradford, tomorrow.  Now that's a shame. I was looking forward to performing with Dave and Tom, as "Bowie, Bliss and Cockerham." Who knows when this will happen again? Nothing is booked.

Anyway, I'm looking out at Friday night. Maybe that will happen.

On a bright note, we've just sold 21 CDs in the last half an hour, over the phone. So that's a few quid for the charity. And 21 more people get to hear us.

Have a cool Yule, everyone!

21st November 2010

Full house at the Grove last night and it was great fun. Dave and I played two long sets for an appreciative audience. I love the Grove. It's an atmospheric and nice sounding room and has a great, small concert atmosphere, intimate and comfortable. Thanks to all who came, especially on a night when there were so many other good things happening in the area.

18th November 2010

What a nice night we had at Morley Folk Club last night! An enthusiastic crowd sang and laughed in all the right places! Thanks to all who came to see us at this growing club.

13th November 2010

Thanks to all who came to see me at Burnley Folk Club last night. It was a cold and rainy night, but inside the Kettledrum Inn, we were happy and warm. There were also some great floor singers and players, especially the chap who played harp, whose name I never got. (Found out later his name is Frank. Great player, nice guy too.)

I've also been getting lots of advance orders for the charity Christmas  CD. Very encouraging. Thanks everybody. I'll have more information about it soon.

9th November 2010

Getting really excited about the Christmas single which is due out on 1st Dec. It's got some fab people joining me to raise money for a good cause (tba). So far, there's Dave Bowie Jr, Charlie Barker, Tom Bliss, Joanne Lewis and Duncan McFarlane making appearances. Artwork to complete this weekend, led by the artist Bruce Wilson. I'm so grateful to all these fine folk.

Changing strings for tonight's gig in Leeds now.

6th November 2010

And now I can confirm that Dave will also be joining me for the Morley Folk Club gig on the 17th of this month as well as the Grove on the 20th. Brilliant!

13th October 2010

I'm delighted to announce that I will be performing my forthcoming gig at the Grove Inn in Leeds, on 20th November, accompanied by the talents of the great Dave Bowie Jr. (of 'Bowie, Bliss and Cockerham') on his "bull fiddle" (double bass - plucked, bowed and slapped as he feels fit..!) This should be a wonderful evening and it may be necessary to get there early to find a comfortable space in this fairly small and intimate venue. We aim to begin sometime after 8.30 p.m.

12th October 2010

Sad to pass on that a great venue, "The Last Friday Folk Club" in Stocksbridge, Sheffield, has finished. The last event on Friday 9th Oct. featured the wonderful Katriona Gilmore and Jamie Roberts and was reported to be a huge success and had a great turn-out. Unfortunately, the venue has decided to cancel the long-standing arrangement with the club's organisers and the club has been halted. Was a crowd sometimes approaching triple figures not enough to sustain the arrangement? I'm puzzled and surprised. The bow wave caused by this, is that sadly, my gig for next year at the club will not take place. To all my Sheffield friends who might have attended, I'll see you elsewhere in the locality at some point early next year. Best Wishes to Charlie and John, whose hard work in building the club has connected many people and raised the profile of a great many performers including myself, who I'm sure are all as grateful as I am.

5th October 2010

Well it's a while since we spoke! Seem to have missed September out completely... it's been a busy time. Summer well and truly over, I'm looking at stepping out in the dusk to sing and play. Had a great summer; played even more than last year, rehearsed with a few good folk and done a few pop-ups here and there. (Wait until you hear Dave on the bass! I'm hoping he's going to be free enough to favour us all with his appearance at some gigs with me soon.) Then there's BB&C in Dec (that's the trio with Tom) to look forward to. I'm also playing support for the Duncan McFarlane band in December for his Christmas Extravaganza. Hoots mon!

30th August 2010

Had a great week at Whitby during the Folk Festival. Spent a bit of time down at the harbour and drank, played and sung in the local hostelries. Met a number of good folk. Thanks to all who plied me with beer and bought CDs.

Been performing at a few parties lately. Congratulations and cheers to y'all who've had cause to celebrate this month.

This Thursday evening (2nd Sept) I'll be at the Hole Note Club in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire to play a few numbers before watching the amazing Jon Gomm. I haven't posted this one since it's his gig, but I'll be there. Might see some of you there.

27th July 2010

I'm sad to hear that another great pub has gone. The Murgatroyd Arms in Halifax, which provided a stage for local performers (and some very good ones too), has closed its doors for the last time. Sadly, the managers were unable to meet the growing costs of running a successful public house and have called it a day. I would like to wish John and Pam all my very best wishes for the future.

26th July 2010

The film I've been working on is available for preview on YouTube. It's a low resolution version for easy access and is entitled "Bang Up Or Pay Back". The director is Dan Wagstaffe of Blazing Fire Theatre Company and I think he's done a fantastic job. Well done to actor, Paul Joseph too. He is very convincing as a disillusioned, convicted thief.

My brief was to provide music which would be ominous and and hard edged. I provided 6 music tracks which were cut and used as the film needed. I used "riffy" electric guitars and lots of drums. One of the tracks also consisted of a gentle piano piece intended to convey nostalgia. There were also a few atmospheric sound pieces too which pop up here and there in the film, but you might not notice them. They just add to the ambience of the film.

The music is unlike anything else I do, and isn't really representative of my live work, nor of the songs on my album, but it was fun to do and suits the needs of the film. It's really film soundtrack music and I'm proud of it as an alternative side to me.

Hope you enjoy it. Here's the link to YouTube:

The high definition version of the film will be released in the near future.

23rd July 2010

Another good night, this time at the Princess Royal Folk Club in Sheffield. Another full house and a lovely, appreciative audience. Thanks to all who travelled some distance to see me.

22nd July 2010

A great night at Otley folk club last night! Full house, brilliant floor spots all, warm and happy audience, lovely atmosphere. Thanks to Tom Bliss for joining me for a couple of numbers too. Can't wait to go back there again.

5th July 2010

Up today early to meet with film director Dan Wagstaffe. He's using my music for his next one. It's a bit different doing this stuff; mostly quite hard edged and a bit scary, but lots of fun. I've got six tracks for him to cut and play with. Next week it's filming scenes with the actors, then it's back to the editing. Busy times for the next couple of weeks....

4th July 2010

The Crown of Lights on Thursday night was a great gig. The soundman "Pete" did a fine job in letting me hear what I was singing. Especially important since I had a throat like sandpaper. Sounded a bit husky I think. (might try to keep it like that...!) Dave and Tom were both on form and it sounded sweet. Thanks guys, you are awesome!

My own little slot today for Cleckheaton festival, at The George "showcase" gig, was fun too. It's surprising how many people can squeeze into a small room on a hot day and sing out with such gusto. Energising stuff! Met a few nice folk there too. See them again I hope.

23rd June 2010

Played some nice gigs lately. Had a good night at Beverly festival with BB&C last Friday, in front of a large crowd in the main marquee, a very appreciative audience and a super evening all round. Last night on my own at Hillsborough Folk Club was nice too; it is a great room to play in with fine natural acoustics and a lovely audience. I'm looking forward to going there again! Apparently, I'm booked for the Princess Royal Folk Club in Crookes, Sheffield too on 22nd July - just found out! I'd better go there then.... the night before (21st) I'm at Otley Folk Club in Korks, so I'm hoping for a good turn out at this fairly local gig. Come down if you can make it. It's always nice to play to music lovers and not just beer lovers (although they have their own particular charm...!) See you soon. :)

2nd June 2010

Sorry, I've not written much here lately. I've been recording for the new album and also for a short film which will be released later this year (more will be disclosed soon!) I have also been out and about trying new songs in various places and deciding which ones are going to go on the new album. I've a good idea which ones will definitely be included. But as is always the way, I'll probably change my mind. Planned release for the new CD album is early next year. There will be a single/e.p. out before Christmas though.

I've added more to the dates page as well, some solo and some with "BB&C". Posted dates are only up to the end of July at the moment. Dates for August and beyond will be appearing soon.

3rd May 2010

Had a great time last night at the Wath Festival with our new trio "Bowie, Bliss and Cockerham" Thank you to a warm and welcoming audience who sang their hearts out with us. Hope to see you all again very soon. Please also check my solo dates (constantly being added to...)

Phil :)

21st April 2010

Had a busy time the last few days. Thanks to all the good people who came to the last few gigs at: Raggalds in Bradford, to the Acoustic Showcase in Mirfield and to The Midnight Bell in Leeds. We had fun! Also been rehearsing with Dave Bowie and Tom Bliss for a number of festivals over the spring and summer. Some dates coming up quite soon! Details will be announced as soon as we have them confirmed. Cheers.

15th April 2010

Just unveiled our new trio, "Bowie, Bliss and Cockerham" (that's Dave, Tom and me.) We performed a few songs last night in front of a very enthusiastic audience at Otley Folk Club. Thanks to all who came to support us. We'll be popping up again somewhere soon. This is in addition to my solo stuff and a few other things I'm doing. The album is going well and getting a good reaction from all those who've heard it. It's all very exciting!
Hope to see you all soon.

3rd April 2010

It's amazing how many great acoustic venues are springing up all over the place..... places for musicians to gather, watch and gain experience from each other. I've met some lovely people and heard some delightful music lately, in small (and not so small) rooms; above pubs and behind restaurants and cafes, above gyms, attached to libraries, arts centres and cinemas ... even in barns. In fact, wherever there's a space (and a door you can close to keep out the street noise) there's likely to be a gathering of souls who have something to say and are maybe carrying an instrument. I love it! The standards are often incredibly high, and in just about everywhere, the team spirit is strong. All musicians want to support each other and no-one is turned away. Audiences listen with interest and smile. And they keep asking me back!

22nd Feb 2010

Had a great night at The Swan in Addingham last night. Thanks to all the brave souls who ventured out on a cold and snowy evening. It was a packed house, who were very welcoming to me and to my friends, the eclectic duo "Strid", who performed later on. We did a few numbers together as well, which was great fun. Hope to see you all again!

Just posting some new dates for the Spring. Keep watching this space!

8th Feb 2010

Just discovered another Phil Cockerham in West Yorkshire, who is actually a banker! It's not me, I promise you! Maybe he's heard my song, "I'm So Happy I'm A Banker". It's been getting a few radio plays and I wonder if he's a little bit cross.... :)

3rd Feb 2010

Just announced a couple of festivals in the West Yorkshire area. Watch the dates list for further details! (It's amazing just how many great little festivals there are running over the summer. Sadly, some are on the same day and I can't do them all...!)

24th Jan 2010

Getting a few radio plays with my song, "I'm So Happy I'm A Banker." Seems to strike a bone with everyone, that song! I've also had several people who want to do it themselves... "Last Orders" is also a popular one, requested frequently. Both are in the tuning of DADGAD (from the bottom string) and both use a capo to set the correct pitch for my voice. Have a go, but don't forget to mention me please, if you perform them. And if you wish to record any of my songs yourself, then of course you'll need to check with me first .... (or at least let the PRS know about it!) Looks like I'll be popping up at a few festivals this year too.... Watch this page for details.

14th Jan 2010

Just uploading a new song "100 New Year Promises". It explains in a 4 minutes song, how all the good, New Year intentions can, unfortunately, fail. This is a low resolution mp3 file, uploaded like that for speed. The full res version will be on the next album, I expect. But, it's timely right now. So Here it is! CLICK HERE!

13th Jan 2010  

Hello everyone, or "Na'then" as we say around these parts. Happy New Year to you all and welcome to the new, updated website. A special thanks to Bruce Wilson for his hard work in getting me up and running.

Well, the year has begun well for me, despite having to battle through snow, ice and blizzards to get out to you all. I've had some good nights, performing in some great places and we'd had a few laughs along the way. I'm beginning to post some dates for this year's gigs, so write them in your diaries and there are a few more in the offing, yet to be confirmed. Watch this page!

The album, "Waiting For The Age Of Reason", is out and is being well received by all who have one. Thanks for waiting so patiently for its eventual release; many of you have been asking regularly how long it was going to be (it's about 47 minutes, actually..! There are 14 of my songs and one instrumental) Now I can start working on the next album. Already , I'm performing some songs which will probably be part of the next CD and a few are recorded. Hopefully, I'll have a few guests "appearing" on the next album, but we'll have to wait and see who they are just yet! I was thrilled to have Duncan McFarlane, Carol Yeadon, Bruce Wilson, John Lockwood and Rick Potter on this one,  All are my heroes and it's great to hear them.

I'm currently working with Jennie and Simon, who together make "Strid", and who I've been bumping into regularly as we all tread the same boards. We'll hopefully be doing a few songs together whenever we meet up, wherever that may be ...... it's always a nice surprise.

Hope to see lots of you too, soon.

Bye for now, Phil