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For starred dates (*) Phil will be accompanied by Dave Bowie (double bass) and Dickie Dixon (percussion/harmonium)*Further dates to be added....Ple  n          Phil Cockerham will be appearing:

Saturday 14th March 2020 - Seven Arts, 31A Harrogate Road, Leeds LS73PD - Please note that this appearance of the 'Lost Larks' has been postponed until a later date.


Wednesday 29th April 2020 - HEART (Headingley Enterprise and Arts Centre) - After their first very successful visit to HEART, the the Lost Larks return, this time performing in the large concert hall.  The Lost Larks are a group of four singer-songwriters each presenting their own songs, supported and accompanied by the other three. Along with Phil, the group also includes: Tom Bliss, Den Miller and Patrick Hogan. Please watch this date. Although it was confirmed, this might may be postponed until a later date due to the current public health restrictions.


Tuesday 16th June 2020 - Morley Folk Club, The High Street Sports and Social Club, High St, Morley, Leeds LS27 9AL  - Phil and the trio return to Morley Folk Club at the High Street Sports and Social Club accompanied by Dave Bowie on double bass and Dickie Dixon on harmonium and percussion. http://www.morleyfolk.org/ Please watch this date. Although it was confirmed, this might may be postponed until a later date due to the current public health restrictions.


Thursday 18th June 2020 - Gregson Lane Folk Club, Nets Bar, Gregson Lane - Hoghton - Lancashire - PR50FD  - Phil returns to Gregson Lane Folk Club at the Nets Bar accompanied by Dave Bowie on double bass and Dickie Dixon on harmonium and percussion. Please note that this appearance of the 'Philip Cockeham Trio' has been postponed until a later date.  https://www.gregsonlane.co.uk/


Tuesday 24th November 2020 - Bridlingon Folk Club, The Telegraph Inn, Quay Road, Bridlington YO16 4JB - Phil appears as guest at this charming seaside town folk club, accompanied by Dave Bowie on double bass and Dickie Dixon on harmonium and percussion. Doors open 7.30 for 8.00pm start. Admission £6 on the door htpps://bridlingtonfolkclub.weebly.com


Watch this space. There are more gigs to add soon.

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21st April 2020
...and now here it is on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmA83iZxLCA
20th April2020
I have added a video here: Safety Pin Man - Philip Cockerham.mp4 This is the title track of my last CD 'Chimera Spring' released last year but this is the first video I have produced from it. It seems relevant to the situation right now. It is dedicated to all the people who help in society from the medics to the builders and cleaners. Peace to y'all x
29th March 2020
It seems that it might be necessary to postpone some more appearances due to the current public health situation. Please check my events page before you come to see me. The truth is that I haven't been out singing  or performing for a few weeks now, either for booked events and for any drop-ins. I guess I am lucky enough to be able to work at home writing and arranging music but I am keen to get out and sing in public as soon as possible. I am really missing it! I will try to keep these pages up to date.
15th March 2020
I am sorry to say my own gig with the Lost Larks was postponed last night until a later date. I understand why and I can only apologise to anyone who is disappointed.
Like most people, I am concerned to see how the Covid-19 virus has burst upon us. Here in the UK we don't seem to be 'locked down' and we are being told to carry on with caution and help out whenever we can.
Tomorrow, schools are in session and the buses are running. Some gatherings and events are going ahead and some are not.
It's confusing and unpredictable but tonight I can tell you that our night at Gregson Lane. Preston on Thursday June 18th has been postponed. Flippin' 'eck.That's thee months away. So this list here is only correct tonight! I will try to keep up to date.
Stay clean and wipe your bottoms with something x
12th March 2020 Please note that the appearance of the 'Lost Larks' at Seven Arts in Leeds this Saturday 14th March has now been postponed, to be re-arranged at a later date. Sorry for any disappointment or inconvenience.
20th January 2020
It's been a nice start to this year with a couple of gigs and some interesting things coming up. I took the trio (with Dave Bowie and Dickie Dixon) to BBC Radio Leeds on 5th Jan to visit the Durbervilles on their folk and roots show, where we played a few songs live in the studio and chatted with David and Lee. We were able to promote this year's first club appearance which took place later that week at the Topic folk club in their new home at the Merchant Bar in Bradford, where we were given a wonderful welcome by everyone.
I have also been rehearsing with my old friends Tom Bliss, Den Miller and Patrick Hogan in a new singer/songwriters' group called the Lost Larks. This new harmony group perform two gigs soon: (Saturday 14th March 2020 at 'Seven Arts, 31A Harrogate Road, Leeds LS73PD' and again on Wednesday 29th April 2020 at 'HEART (Headingley Enterprise and Arts Centre)'. Both nights are likely to be well attended so you are advised to plan early!
30th December 2019
I'm excited to say that I will be starting the new year with a nice gig and a radio appearance with the trio. First up we will be 'appearing' this Sunday 5th January with the Durbervilles on their folk and roots music show at 8.00pm on BBC Radio Leeds, to chat and play a few songs live in the studio. (You will find this on 92.4 FM and 103.9 FM, on digital radio and online at https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p07xs57s  .)
Then on Thursday 9th Jan, the three of us are guests at the Topic folk club in Bradford, in their latest home at the Merchant Bar. I do find that over the years wherever the Topic have chosen as the base for their club, the welcome and atmosphere is the same - I think that's down to the good folk of Bradford and their love of the craic. I'm looking forward to going there.

So, I hope you can either tune in or come and see us play live... or both!

Oh, and happy new year to y'all wherever you are! x

7th December 2019
It was a lively and convivial atmosphere at the Labour N/E Leeds festive fundraiser last night. We were made very welcome by Fabian Hamilton MP and by the other MPs, councillors and members who clearly speak in one voice with regard to enable ordinary working people, encouraging co-operation and justice for everyone and supporting the more vulnerable within society. I was impressed by what I heard. The audience was a mix of all colours and creeds, young and old, richer and poorer. And they fed us well! Thanks to Barbara and Steve for supplying and running the PA system.
5th December 2019

Further news of tomorrow's gig in Leeds for Labour NE - Tickets are below:


3rd Decmber 2019
I have been asked to perform in support of a fundraiser for the Labour party in Leeds on Friday. I am happy to do this and I will be accompanied by Dave and Dickie at the Sheepscar Club in Leeds, this Friday 6th December beginning after 7.00pm. There will be speakers and persuasion. This might not be everyone's cup of tea, but you should be able to get a cup of tea (and there is a full bar.) I don't care what you vote but come and listen anyway please...
28th November 2019
I should draw your attention to some new videos I have been involved in with, 'The Lost Larks'. This a collaboration of four singer/songwriters, Tom Bliss, Patrick Hogan, Den Miller and me. Here we are: http://denmiller.com/lostlarks/ We are currently arranging future gigs and further recordings but this is a taster of what we do. Thanks to Tom and Den for their work in putting this together.
My own trio continues to perform, most recently appearing the other evening at Grimsby folk club. Thanks to everyone who came along (including Dave Bowie and Dickie Dixon!)

Watch this space for more of everything!

16th November 2019

We had a lovely night with the trio at the Bacca Pipes folk club in West Yorkshire yesterday. Dave Bowie and Dickie Dixon were great; they follow me like shadows, even when I go wrong (haha) and individually, they are impressive in their own right. Bacca Pipes is a small, but very well attended club with such a positive regard for music, albeit traditional folk or otherwise. I was delighted to find that so many people knew my songs and indeed the audience embraced my newer stuff so willingly. The sound of everyone in the room singing with me was stunning. I woke up today feeling very lucky to have this attention and support. Thanks y'all x

30th October 2019

Thank you to everyone who came to see the Lost Larks on their very first gig in Leeds last night. It was full house and a very exciting atmosphere. I was joined by Tom Bliss, Patrick Hogan and Den Miller, all three great songwriters and performers. (This is in addition to my own band, the Phil Cockerham trio, which continues to perform and gives me absolute confidence and pleasure. We also have our own gigs very soon. Have a look here: http://baccapipes.folkpitch.co.uk/bpexpres/index.htm and http://www.grimsbyfolkclub.co.uk/ )

But do look out now for this new band lostlarks.com . It seems the future is bright for the Lost Larks.

21st October 2019
I'm looking forward to next Tuesday 29th October. This is a slightly different event from the usual gigs posted on this page. Phil appears as part of a quartet of songwriters, all friends who have played together before. It also includes, Tom Bliss, Patrick Hogan and Den Miller and the group appear collectively as 'The Lost Larks'. This is the first appearance of the Lost Larks and it should be a wonderful evening. Heart, in Leeds, is a small venue and so people are advised to arrive early to gain admission. https://www.heartcentre.org.uk/event/tuesday-night-live-2018-12-18-2019-01-01-2019-10-29/
17th October 2019
The trio had a great evening last night at Otley Folk Club. It was a lively evening and the room was full, everyone joining in with the fun, singing and booing (!) at the right times. Thanks to Steve, Malcolm and Anne for booking us, Stuart and Steve for being great supporting acts and of course a big thanks to all those who came and encouraged such a brilliant evening!
8th September 2019

It was a return visit to the Pavilion in Lytham St Anne's for the trio last night, playing to some familiar faces and a crowd of new ones. Thanks to Steve for inviting us to play and also for his excellent opening slot where he performed some of his great original songs. The audience were wonderful all night and we came away feeling appreciated. Thanks to everybody who came.

5th September 2019

We had a lovely welcome at the Moorcock in Blacko last night when we played as guests for their monthly concert night. The audience were so encouraging and we always enjoy it there. Thanks to Andy and Elaine for inviting us once more. Support acts were all great, but I have to make a special mention of One-a-Chord, a three piece band comprising harp, pipes and accordian, although other instruments do feature in the band. Look out for them.

29th July 2019
It's a while since I wrote anything on here, but things have been anything but quite. I've been working on quite a few musical projects, all great! You'll see I have posted a new date at the Bacca Pipes folk club in Keighley, West Yorkshire. I was re-introduced to them by my friend, Den Miller, who is a regular there and I'll be appearing there as guest with the trio in the autumn.
I've also been working on some new and old material with Den, along with Patrick Hogan and Tom Bliss, both of whom I've worked with before. This new quartet of songwriters we have called, The Lost Larks. It's great and we are currently dropping into our favourite places to do a few numbers and introduce ourselves. Here we are: lostlarks.com
25th April 2019
I am pleased to say that the new CD, 'Chimera Spring' is being well received by everyone who has heard it. You can buy a copy direct from Jumbo records in Leeds, or you can contact me and we can sort something out for you to have one. http://philipcockerham.com/Chimera%20Spring-%20samples.htm
Dickie and I continue to travel around performing songs from this CD (and from the previous ones... we often get requests) and sometimes we have Dave with us. We don't have listed gigs until the end of summer, but we do tend to pop up unannounced at folk clubs and events and we always seem to have a warm welcome.
13th March 2019
We had a great time last Sunday night at the BBC with hosts, The Durbervilles (David, Lee and Mark) on their folk and roots show on radio Leeds. I believe you can still listen for a while: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p070v7pk We were made very welcome and the trio (all three of us) gave a live rendition of three of the songs from the new CD, 'Chimera Spring'. It's always great to be on live radio. Scary but very exciting. Thanks guys!
The further good news is that Jumbo Records in Leeds are now stocking copies of the CD for sale in their Leeds store.  I'm sure there will be a link coming up soon! Watch this space... In the meantime, please do contact me if you would like a copy:
1st March 2019
We had a great night at Crookes Folk Club last night, when we visited to perform songs from my new CD, 'Chimera Spring', available from today! Thank you to all who came to see us and join in and to those who took away a copy last night!
I'm very pleased with the final seven songs which made it onto the CD. There are five new songs of mine plus a very beautiful one, 'Your Love Is All I Need', written by Kathy Cookson (as Cookson/Foggin/Pointer, aka The Backyard Buskers.) The other song in this collection is my 'borrowing' of an old Stan Jones song to tell the story, 'Doodlebug Summer.'
I'm delighted to have worked once again with the legendary Dave Bowie on double bass and also with my old friend Dickie Dixon on harmonium, percussion, voices and noises... As well as playing his array of instruments, Dickie has had quite a hand (or an ear) with me on the final mixing on the songs on album. Thanks mate. On the CD we also have the wonderful Katy Ryder on flute, alto sax and vocals on several of the songs. I'm very grateful to her for making the time in her busy musical life for the sessions she managed to fit in here at the Green Room studio. I'm looking forward to working with Katy again soon.
Don't forget you can tune in on Sunday 3rd March to hear us live on, 'The Durbervilles Folk and Roots Show' on BBC Radio Leeds 92.4 FM and 103.9 FM (also 95.3 FM and 102.7 FM) or 774 Hz and also online at https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p070v7pk between 8-9 pm when we will be chatting and playing live in the studio.
23rd February 2019
I can tell you that I will be guest on the Durbervilles Folk and Roots show on BBC Radio Leeds next week on Sunday 3rd March at 8.00pm. I'll have Dave Bowie with me on double bass and Dickie Dixon on harmonium and percussion. It'll be great! You can find it at 8.pm next Sunday on 92.4 FM and 103.9 FM (also 95.3 FM and 102.7 FM) or 774 Hz , or online at https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p070v7pk 
23rd February 2019
I'm delighted to announce that my new CD will be delivered tomorrow! After much hard work and deliberation, I have condensed my own personal take on recent (and a little more historic) events into an exciting new collection entitled, 'Chimera Spring'. It includes great performances from Dave Bowie and Dickie Dixon and also from a newcomer to the Green Room studio, the wonderful Katy Ryder who contributes her  brilliant skills on alto sax and vocals and brings a lot of good humour to the mix. There's also a beautiful song, 'Your Love Is All I Need' written and attributed to 'Cookson/Foggin/Pointer'' (my old friends, 'The Backyard Buskers') and an ominous adaptation of a classic which you will recognise but hides under the title of  'Doodlebug Summer'. Otherwise, the other songs will hopefully make you want to dance, laugh or cry.
To buy a copy, please contact me on: philipcockerham@hotmail.com or come and find one of us at a gig.
23rd January 2019
I've booked a few new dates for this year, mostly with the trio. I've been quite busy with a few things but not with rehearsing with these guys (lol - don't worry it'll be great again by February! Those guys are the dog's knees.) Our first gig as a trio is at the brilliant Crookes folk club. I've been there many times over the years and it all feels so familiar and welcoming. Can't wait!
8th December 2018
It was nice to be back at the Castle in Bradford last night along with Dave and Dickie, to play to some old friends and some newcomers at the Friday night guest spot. Thanks to Stuart, Nigel and Paul for their contributions, to John the MC and of course to the generous audience, who sang along with everything they could! Keep music live!
20th November 2018
It's been a while since I've written anything on here. But I have not been idle. It's been great! I've had my finger in a few pies (none of them meat) and I've been busy singing, playing and making new music with others, but not much performing at the front. I've enjoyed it. And sometimes I got paid!
However, I will be at the front of the room in a couple of weeks on Friday December 7th, at the Castle in Bradford, where I will be appearing with my buddies, Dickie and Dave (those guys are the dogs knees...) and we will be knocking out some tunes, telling some tales and generally stirring up dust. Paul, the boss there always graces us with a cultural nugget at some point when he pops out to play Dickie's harmonium and whip up a frenzy in Hindi. The guy is a star! It's free to hear the music but a whip round is held and usually everyone is really generous! Keeps it real...
There is also the chance for passing musos to get up do a number or two... Everybody is respected and made welcome and the standard is always pretty good. Come along and see us, do.
I've a few gigs to announce so far for next year, so that'll be soon too.
 Peace y'all x
10th July 2018
After a short run of summer gigs together, the three of us are taking time out individually to work on other projects. We played at Mansfield folk club last night, in the heat of summer and received a fantastic welcome from the good folk there. It's always great to play at Mansfield folk, with the enthusiastic response we always get there. Thanks to Tina for booking us and to the whole committee, who put on such a great event every week. We'll be back!
6th July 2018
I had a nice surprise at Gregson Lane folk club last night, when I took the band there to play for them. There's a fantastic new PA! (which we used only very slightly, because the audience were such good listeners we didn't have to be loud...) They laughed at most of my jokes, sung new words and even made helpful suggestions (no, they really were helpful...) Thanks, y'all x Hope to see you again before long

We're at Masnfield folk club on Monday. It's always fun there! http://mansfield-folk-club.org.uk/programme.html

26th June 2018
It was a pleasure to take the band to play up at the Bridge Folk Club in Newcastle last night. I think we had the hottest day so far and with the windows open at the Bridge we got the full experience of Tyneside life on a beautiful evening. The pale ale felt like nectar and the audience were excited to see us. Many thanks to Mike for inviting us to play there. It's a beautiful old place, nicely prepared for live folk music in the concert room upstairs. We had a great time and I'm looking forward to going back there. Might be a few video clips appearing soon.

Next week we're at Gregson Lane, out west of here. Here's the ticket website: http://www.wegottickets.com/event/410703 

(or just turn up on the night. I do remember it does get quite busy though...)


21st June 2018

I took the trio to the 'new' home of Otley folk club upstairs in the Black Horse last night, where we performed as guests for the evening. The lads were on great form and we were able to able to perform some brand new songs, which went down well in the room. Thanks to Steve Fairholme for MC-ing (and for booking us!) And of course, thanks to everyone who came and enjoyed the evening.

We3're looking forward to playing at the Bridge folk club in Newcastle on Monday.

11th June 2018
I've been in the studio a lot these past few weeks, with an occasional outing to remember what people looked like. Last night I was at Grimsby folk club with Dickie, to play a short set for their 'spotlight' night. Clearly, its a loved place and they do so much to create a great atmosphere for performance. We were well received and made a lot of new friends; thanks everyone for the lovely, warm welcome. I'm looking forward to taking the trio there some time!

We also have a few nice club dates booked over the next few weeks, so I'll be learning again how to speak properly to people. Have a look where we are. > click here <

12th February 2018
I'll be turning up at the Otley Show next Saturday at some point to sing a few songs with Dickie. Now what does a veggie sing at an agricultural show I wonder..? Maybe, "Old McDonald had some quorn..."
4th February 2018
We were pleased to appear for the first time at St Anne's Folk Club in Lytham St Anne's last night. It was a packed house and we were well received by a friendly and energetic audience who were happy to join in the fun and hilarity, but who were also moved by the more thoughtful pieces. It seems some issues are shared by many and afterwards there was much talk of the changing world.  Clearly, it was right to let the songs speak for themselves. Thanks to Steve and Ian for their wonderful support songs, to open the evening.
27th January 2018
It's a new year and I was delighted to be able to help in the WSO campaign for this year by performing at the New Beehive in Bradford. I'm told the proceeds of this night go to the foodbanks in Bradford and give food to those in need. Well done and thanks to all involved.
20th December 2017
Thanks to everyone who came to see us at Morley Folk Club last night and may I wish everyone everywhere a happy Christmas and a successful New Year. Peace y'all x
7th December 2017

The yuletide season has truly begun and we were treated to brilliant floor spots from some of the regulars and other visitors to the Moorcock Acoustic Night last night, when we visited as the booked guests. Thanks to Andy and Elaine for inviting us and to everyone for their support. Have a super Christmas.

18th November 2017
It's been a while but I had the pleasure of playing out with Dave Bowie and Dickie Dixon last night. We've all been undertaking our own projects for the last few months and it was great to meet this week and revisit the old favourites and to play a few new things, before appearing as guests at the Castle in Bradford. We always get a warm welcome from the good folk there and the 'International  Cabaret' was as delightful as ever. Lovely songs all round. Thanks to Paul and the team for hosting the night and a special thanks to Muppet and Sue for asking us back. See you next time.
I've posted a few new gigs for next year and there are some as yet unconfirmed but promising.
Peace y'all x
30th July 2017
I returned today from a lovely weekend away at the Littleborough Music Festival, set by the river Trent in the  Nottinghamshire countryside. I played a solo set, the last of the Friday evening to a lovely crowd who I'd never met before. Receiving a nice welcome from them, I gave my best of a selection of songs from the last three CDs and they rewarded me with a great response. Thanks to Roz and Andy for hosting the events, including a stunning Saturday afternoon and evening in the barn with some very entertaining acts.
29th June 2017
We had a first visit to The Willows folk club in Kirkham last night, and what a lovely club it is! All three of us agreed that the detail and care of everything was fine, and all the active club members worked together seamlessly to do their own job well and together enable a successful evening, for audience and visitors. Stage sound was good and outward PA sound was great through their quality system. We enjoyed the night and had enthusiastic reception from everyone. Thanks to regulars, Dave and Liz, who opened up the night and warmed the audience for us with some great original songs and a nice interpretation of some others. Thanks also to Chris on the sound who did a brilliant job for everyone. Can't wait to go there again!
20th June 2017
Dickie and I travelled to Mansfield this week to perform for our old friends at the Mansfield Black Bull folk club, acting as support act for the legendary Bob Fox, most recently known for his role as the 'Songman' in the show 'Warhorse'. It was a full house and we were enthusiastically received by an excited crowd. It was great to see everyone again and we enjoyed the evening. We hope to be back there before too long.

Next Wednesday I will be taking the trio to the Willows folk club in Kirkham, Preston, for our guest night there. I'm looking forward to that.

16th May 2017
Hi everyone. Apologies for the 'radio silence' and for my slowness in updating this website. I've been unable to access it all for a little while as my technology failed me a few weeks ago! However, I'm up and running now.
We had a nice gig at Otley Folk Club last Wednesday evening. Thanks for all those lovely folk who came to see us there. I do like the concert behind Korks, it's a great space and so well equipped. Thanks again to Steve and Chris. The following evening we played at a Labour party fundraiser in Hillsborough. Again, it was a lovely bunch of people who crammed the place and gave themselves to the show. We laughed, we sang and we raised the roof (and a stack of money!) for the cause. Thanks especially to Bay Whitaker for such a good job in organising the night and to Malcolm and Helen who performed before us. Hope to see you all again before too long.
31st March 2017

Thanks to everyone who turned out to see us at the Topic Folk Club last night. It was great to be out again with Dave and Dickie and we played a few songs we hadn't performed before, as well as the ones we always get asked for. The atmosphere was lovely, supportive and encouraging and the new songs were well received. We'll be back there before long, I hope.

8th March 2017

After a short break, I'm back in the saddle and looking forward to gigging again. The first gig is at the wonderful Topic Folk Club in Bradford on the 30th March (possibly the oldest folk club in the world..?). I always feel welcome there and I have a strong affection for the place. That night I will be accompanied by Dave Bowie on double bass and Dickie Dixon on harmonium and percussion. I can't wait. http://www.topicfc.nawaller.com/

I've also just been booked for a very nice gig, performing as support for the legendary Bob Fox, at Mansfield Folk Club on 19th June. Bob Fox has a long history in folk music, most recently known as the 'Songman' in the touring production of 'Warhorse'. Dickie Dixon will be performing with me that night on harmonium and percussion. Mansfield is another great club and we always feel welcome there. http://mansfield-folk-club.org.uk/

12th November 2016
I enjoyed our guest visit to the Castle in Bradford last night. The audience were keen and enthusiastic and very responsive. Many people (those who had not seen us before) commented how delighted they were with the line-up and the material, its diversity and the blend of sounds. I do realise how effective the blend of bouzouki, double bass and harmonium is, providing a full sonic range and allowing us to explore sounds from the minute to the emphatic. I was also struck by how many people wanted to hear the 'comment' songs, particularly in these changing times. Keep in touch everyone. It's encouraging to get this great feedback from people in the audience.

We've a bit of a break now but we are always open to new enquiries.

31st October 2016

Thanks to Dean for the warm welcome to what is a very exciting and inspired public house venue, hosting regular musical events in a comfortable environment in the centre of Pontefract. I'm sure we will be there again soon.

25th October 2016
Dickie and I had the pleasure of playing for the Brighouse Arts Festival 'Unplugged' evening last night (using some very smart looking microphones!) Of course the instruments etc were unplugged and so I wasn't kidding..! We enjoyed the evening and met some new friends and one or two old ones. I'd do that night again. Thanks everyone for your support. Peace y'all x
16th October 2016
I'm doing a half hour performance next week at the Brighouse Arts Festival for their 'unplugged' evening on the Monday. I'll be accompanied by harmonist/percussionist Dickie Dixon, who always makes things sound better! The evening starts at 7.30 with several other performers and we'll be on at about 9.30pm. Admission is free. Find us at Millers Bar, 47 Briggate, Brighouse HD6 1EB.
8th October 2016
After we've all been behaving separately for a few weeks, I'll be getting the trio together to perform for the 'We Shall Overcome' festival gig tonight in Bradford. It's a great day's line-up and we will be going on for 45 minutes at 7.00pm. It's a very worthwhile event, which is why all performers and organisers are working for free. Admission is by donation of food or cash to assist Bradford food banks, so please be generous.  > click for link <  
17th July 2016
Dickie and I had a great time at Hull Folk and Maritime Festival yesterday afternoon. The sun shone on us and we played to a happy crowd for about 45 minutes before settling back to watch Beggar's Bridge do their set. What a great band they are! They also use an Indian harmonium and the sound is rich and strong. I look forward to seeing them again. Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome to Hull.
10th July 2016
We enjoyed playing at the Bradford Festival today on the Topic Folk Club stage. It's their 60th year as a folk club and we were delighted to be asked to be part of it all. Thanks to all who ignored the small rain to watch me with Dave Bowie on stick double bass and Dickie Dixon on percussion/harmonium.   https://www.facebook.com/philipcockerham
7th July 2016
It was a very enjoyable night at the Moorcock Acoustic night yesterday. Dave, Dickie and I sped over the Pennines to Blacko to play for a wonderfully, appreciative crowd who gave their all with us and stayed late to hear everything we performed. It was a real pleasure to be there and we were so pleased to be asked back and offered a date for next year. (I'll mention the date nearer the time.) Thanks to Andy and Elaine (and indeed all the team) for their welcome and hospitality. And thanks to all the floor singers and performers who warmed up the audience for us so well. It really is a great place to visit and play!

On Sunday we perform for the Bradford Festival. I'm looking forward to that. http://www.bradfordfestival.org.uk/whatson/topic-folk-club

6th July 2016
Thanks to the good folk who came to see us perform at Morley Folk Club last night. It was a balmy night (not just a barmy night) and we got to play some of the newer songs, perhaps at the expense of a couple of older ones, but that's the kind of hard choice/tough decision I had to make as leader of the party (sorry the band..). They went down well though. Thanks to Keith and the team for their welcome and smooth organisation. Good luck to you all.

Tonight we make a first visit to the Moorcock Acoustic Night in Blacko, Lancs. I have a good feeling about that. I'm looking forward to playing there.

3rd  July 2016
Been cheering myself up singing. I had the rare treat of taking the trio to do a couple of songs at the Grove's 'Open Mind' night last Wednesday night in Leeds. I was dedicating 'Ain't Gonna Play The Game No More' to Karl Dallas and we toasted him, actually no, the audience applauded and clapped him when I mentioned his peace protesting. That was far more appropriate. It shows there's an appetite for peace and co-operation. He was mentioned in the Morning Star too with a nice obituary this week.

I've got a gig in Leeds on Tuesday 5th this week, at Morley Folk Club. it's always fun to play there. It's currently held at the United Services Club. There's loads of parking and they welcome newcomers. http://www.morleyfolk.org/

Thanks to BBC Radio Leeds ' The Durbervilles Folk and Roots' for playing a new track of mine tonight. Hearing yourself on the radio is always helpful. Makes you consider the sound mix. A bit less double bass methinks... (heh-heh sorry Dave.)

28th June 2016
I don't normally post links but this is an exception. I'm very sad at the death of the legendary, Karl Dallas; musician, performer, writer, promoter, journalist and peace activist. Everything he did with great heart and generosity. It was a privilege to know him. He once booked me to play for him at a benefit gig he hosted, although he did many more things that that. He was always very pleasant with me, even when he was struggling with ill-health in later times. This is what the Guardian said about him: https://www.theguardian.com/music/2016/jun/27/karl-dallas-obituary
25th June 2016

There was a subdued feeling among the audience last night at the New Headingley Club in Leeds as the trio played for their 'New Roots' night. We did our best to cheer everyone up but actually it seemed we all enjoyed the protest songs more than anything else. Certainly, the wildest moments were when there was a clear and rebellious chorus afoot. Thank you to all those who came to see us. We'll be back there before too long.

24th June 2016
We had a great night at Crookes Folk Club in Sheffield last night. A lovely audience welcomed us and gave us such a tremendous response. To be fair we went on after some brilliant floor spots before us, with a great choice of material chosen by those who performed. Thanks to all who came and supported us. I'm a very lucky man.

Tonight it's 'New Roots' at New Headingley Club in Leeds. I'm looking forward to that. Doors open at 8.pm

9th June 2016
Thanks to everyone who came to Keighley last night, to see the trio perform at the Exchange Arts Centre. What a lovely night and a great place! All credit to Jackson Lake for his vision with this set of gigs. Tanks to Gary Middleton for the support set and to Adam for a brilliant job with the sound. We went home very impressed.

It's back in the studio tomorrow to begin to complete the tracks for the new album. There's just a few bits to record and then it's putting it all together. After gigging some of the songs, it's becoming clear what'll be on it.

And I'll be stepping out to play somewhere I guess, before we go out again with the trio for the next set of gigs in a week or two.

7th June 2016
We enjoyed our trip out to Barnsley Trades Club last night where we played as feature guests for the Barnsley Folk and Acoustic Night. It's an audience who always listen and although the concert is held in a thriving social club with its games tables next door, all passers by the room wait and listen politely. Some even stay! We had a lovely reception from the audience and Dave and Dickie were on great form. It was also nice to see familiar faces and old friends.

On Wednesday we go to Keighley to play at the Exchange Art Centre. I've not been there before, so I'm looking forward to it. There are some great acts over the summer for their midweek gigs so it's great to part of all that.

2nd June 2016
I'm honoured and delighted to have been asked to play at the Bradford Festival on their main stage next month.          On the afternoon of Sunday 10th July, I'll be performing with Dave Bowie and Dickie Dixon as part of the Topic Folk Club concert. There's a temporary stage being built right in the the city centre, in City Park, opposite the Alhambra Theatre. Also on the bill for the Topic are Gerry Cooper and Phil Snell with their 'blues rags and hokum' and award-winning singer/songwriter Paula Ryan. We're on promptly at 2,00pm followed by Gerry and Phil and then Paula. I can't wait!

I've always had great admiration and affection for Bradford; its environment, its people and its ideas. I've always felt at home there and loved its support for music and the arts, and for peace and justice, ever since I used to visit there with my teenage rock band, Jobe St Day when we felt a proper Bradford reception every time. These days I play a bit more quietly (but not always!) and still receive a warm welcome every time I visit the Topic. I'm lookinmg forward to taking the music and fun outside. http://www.bradfordfestival.org.uk/whatson/topic-folk-club

11th May 2016
I don't normally write poetry, but last week I was in turmoil. My mind was stretched and my body on the edge. I received the news that the cat (a scrap of a thing we took in last year as a stray, now just over a year old) had caught something and delivered it as usual to the doormat at the entrance to my studio. It isn't the first time she's done this but this time it was different. For what it's worth, here's the poem which shaped in my head and I managed to scrape down in print before it was lost and I began to recover properly. > for the poem 'Biladi' - click here<
8th May 2016
Hi everyone. I'm back home after a traumatic and frightening episode! I am so sorry to everyone who I didn't get to play for as we had to cancel our night at Otley Folk Club last Wednesday. We tried to get the word out but didn't quite reach everyone, I hear some people turned up to find I wasn't there. Hope you try again! Thanks to my friends and heroes, The 'Twangles' for stepping in at short notice to play the gig. I believe this is the first gig which I have ever had to cancel personally, so it didn't feel good.

Basically, I suffered a 'sepsis' (total body poisoning) which is believed to have been stemmed from a small but invasive procedure I had a few weeks ago. It was unpredicted and unfortunate, but very serious. I was admitted from A&E after my beloved took the right decision to take me to hospital in the middle of the night on Sun/Mon, when I was becoming confused and unintelligible (no comments on that please!) Apparently, if she hadn't taken me in I might not be here today! I've had a shed load of intravenous antibiotics of different types and I am now on the mend. I'm home after seven days in hospital and in another week or so, after the antibiotic tablets they've sent me home with, I hope to be running for buses again! And of course, I have some great gigs coming up starting again in June. I'll be feeling very strong and healthy by then.

I'd like to thank everyone for their kind messages of support (sorry I can't do this individually, there were so many!) and a BIG thank you to the very professional and most caring staff of the NHS, some of whom went well beyond the call of their contracts to make me safe, secure and well again and whose dedication to the task truly makes them 'angels' (that includes the boys who work there as well, of course!)

For now, I'm just going to sit in the shade, sip iced Ribena and stroke the cat. Love and peace to y'all x

16th April 2016
I've been adding a few dates to this summer's list, the latest being Hull Folk and Maritime Festival on 16th July. I'll have Dickie Dixon with me too so it should be a lot of fun. The new album is coming along nicely and I hope to it available soon. See you sometime over the summer!
13th March 2016
It was nice to return to Kirkgate Irregular Roots in Shipley last night, this time with Dave Bowie and Dickie Dixon. Thanks to Paul for a great job with the sound and indeed all the team for their hard work in creating a lovely small concert venue in the centre of Shipley. Thanks also to Peter and Pam as 'Keystone' for their quality support set. It was great to see them again. I'm just about to go on to their website to have a look at them in their recent acting roles in 'Coronation Street'. They do get around! Thanks everyone for coming to the gig last night.
7th March 2016
Here is where you can get advance tickets for our gig on Saturday... http://www.yorkshireticketshop.co/phillip-cockerham-trio.html
5th March 2016

Just heard Liz Franklin playing my song 'Bonfire' on her radio show 'Folkal Point' (102.1 and 105.5 fm in the Teesdale area and online.)  That song seems to strike a reaction in everyone, and frequently a laugh or a 'ha!' Thanks Liz. It's my gift to the 'We Shall Overcome' movement and is available as a download single at: >>> click <<<  I think I'm track number 22 on the album..?)

1st March 2016
Did it really happen? Well, yes there were lots of people turned up at Bacup folk club last night on 'leap' night and everyone wanted to sing! The list of floor spotters was HUGE and sadly I didn't get to see everyone! (sorry...) We did our set of over an hour to a very lively crowd and got a big response. Thank you all!

I'm looking forward to playing at Kirkgate Irregular Roots next week. It's a great little concert venue in Shipley, West Yorkshire, a bit closer to home. Last time I played there I was providing the support on my own and the audience were very welcoming and kind to me. This time I'll have Dave Bowie with me on the double bass and Dickie Dixon on percussion and harmonium so I guess there'll be heckling! The support is from Pete and Pam, aka: Keystone Acoustic. It should be a great night! Kirkgate Irregular Roots is held at The Kirkgate Centre, 39a Kirkgate, Shipley BD18 3EH       

24th February 2016
It's a 'leap year' this year, 2016 and we've decided to spend the 'extra day' at Bacup Folk Club. It's always great to go and play there. So on the 29th February (next Monday) we can play anything we like! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again. It's at Rosemount WMC, Huttock End Lane, Bacup, Lancs OL13 8LD 
23rd February 2016
It was a very enjoyable evening yesterday at Skipton Folk Club as the trio played their first gig of the year together. Thanks to all those who turned up and supported us so enthusiastically. Hope to see youall again soon.
8th February 2016

It's been a few weeks since the trio were out gigging together. We've all had our own events and appearances over the last month, but we meet up for our first gig of the year on Monday 22nd Feb at Skipton Folk Club. It's always nice to play there. The regulars are so welcoming and happy to sing and join in with the songs. Hope to see you there. http://philipcockerham.com/News%20and%20events.htm#next%20dates

25th December 2015

Checking my emails today, I found that someone has just posted this video of the trio playing at the Saltaire festival during the summer. Unfortunately, Dave Bowie Jr is not visible but I promise you he was there playing double bass. Dickie Dixon is also there on harmonium, percussion and vocals. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4LsPq7zTms

Love and peace to you all today and forever.

14th December 2015
It was great fun playing at FRACA last night in Leeds, at the Polish Centre for their December guest night. Dave, Dickie and I played to a full house for our early set and got a lovely reaction from a very welcoming audience. Thanks to all comers who did floor spots and a special thanks to the Polish Club hosts who us lubricated with drinks. Today I feel half Polish. (;-) Thnaks also to MC Pid kept the whole evening lively and funny (great job Pid) and to Emma who organised the event skillfully. We'll be back!
12th December 2015
Thanks to everyone at 'Bollyfolk' for a great welcome last night. The upstairs room at the Dog and Partridge was full for Bollington Folk Club's monthly guest night and we got to play to a lovely receptive audience of some familiar and some brand new faces. We played a few newer songs and a couple of pieces especially for the season, as well as the old favourites that people know. It was lovely to be back there. Thanks to Pete W.
Tomorrow we go to the Polish Club in Leeds for an evening with FRACA (folk root acoustic Chapel Allerton). I'm looking forward to that too. We had a great time last time. See y'all there. :-)
19th November 2015
I've added a few more gigs to the list. It's changing all the time but these ones are confirmed. Might see you there :-)
15th November 2015
Had the pleasure of playing to a receptive crowd last night at Kirkgate Irregular Roots club in Shipley, supporting the vibrant and exciting acoustic guitar-led soul band Barcode Zebra, a new surprise for me. I'll look out for them again.  Thanks to everyone concerned for a great night.

I've decided to remove the download link for my song 'Closing The Borders' from my 'Listen' page. I guess it will be included on the next album when that comes out, but for now I think the moment is wrong to play it. I'd rather think now about writing a song for all those people who make the mistake of pursuing hate under the cloak of 'faith'. You're wrong on this one brothers. Time will judge you harshly, I'm certain.

9th November 2015

I enjoyed being an audience member for a change last night at FRACA (Folk Root Acoustic Chapel Allerton) in Leeds. There were some good acts, including Dave and Ros Lewis and their friend Tim, but the highlight for me was Naomi Cousins who delighted everyone with her understated style, great songs and expressive singing. I'm sure I'll hear a lot more of her in the future.

The 'new' venue for FRACA is the Leeds Polish Club LS7 4JE, occurring monthly on a Sunday. Next session is 13th December when I'll be turning up to do a short solo set as part of their Christmas meet. See you there!

24th October 2015
It was fun playing last night at Crookes Folk Club in Sheffield last night. It was a 'Friday Night Special' concert organised as an extra to their regular Thursday night club and there was a lovely buzz about the room. Dave Bowie Jr and Dickie Dixon were there with me on double bass and percussion. We got to perform some new songs amongst the old favourites and it was all very well received. Support was from Stephen Bolton, a young and very skilful guitarist who kept us all enthralled with his 'classical' style, although the material was much wider than that, including some modern and adventurous material. Wonderful stuff! Thanks to everyone who turned out on an unusual night and contributed to making the night a very special one for us all. Thanks to Steve Cooper for the gig. Peace to y'all x
22nd October 2015
I'm posting a previously unreleased song of mine, 'Closing the Borders' as a free download accessible here:
                                    > 'Closing The Borders' (written February 2015) <
(Thanks should go to the Durbervilles for playing it on their BBC Radio folk and roots show this last week.) The song is one I wrote and recorded in February this year when I was recovering from illness. I was feeling very loved and cared for and it struck me that this was something I should be very grateful for and I truly am. Sadly though, not everyone is in the same fortunate position as I am.

The situation on the borders of Europe has become so serious now and I'm a bit uncomfortable with the issues raised in the song, and then the notion that it might seem wrong to have trivialised it all in music. That wasn't my intention when I wrote it and I couldn't have predicted the scale of the crisis that would develop over the summer. It's become something of a dilemma now whether to promote the song. Having played it live a few times now though, I am encouraged by the audience reactions. I suppose the song is done now and I guess I should make it available for those who wish to hear it. Hope I've done the right thing.

Of course, although this song is currently a free download, I retain copyright and I expressively forbid anyone from using any part of the song to promote their own interests without first asking my permission. But do please, talk to me if you can help. Peace and good fortune to all those poor souls who have become caught up in the storms of war.
17th October 2015
We had a great night at the Harlequin Theatre last night when we played as guests for the Northwich Folk Club. I remember it being a warm and welcoming place when I visited a year or two ago, but this time I had Dave and Dickie with me, so it was even better. Thanks to Game Birds for their up-beat support act and a huge thanks to all the lovely folk who received my songs with encouragement and endorsement. I hope to be back before too long.
10th October 2015
Thanks to everyone who came to 'Music at the Castle' in Bradford last night, to see Dave Bowie Jr on double bass, Dickie Dixon on harmonium and percussion and me performing songs old and new, mostly from the first three CDs and a few as yet unreleased songs. The biggest surprise for me was the reaction to my recent song, 'Closing the Borders' which I wrote in Feb this year when I was receiving TLC after a spell of illness. Now I'm slightly uncomfortable about the song, since it now describes a terrible situation which has unfolded at the borders of Europe and which I must confess I didn't see coming on that scale. I'm sure we all worry for the poor souls at the heart of this and we know we must help. but it's a dilemma. How do we best help? Certainly we should try to learn from the past and I think that's what comes out in the song. It was well received but I'm not sure if the song will be on the next CD. It's a bit serious. Anyway, I love Bradford and and its open heartedness. They know what's what. Peace y'all x
7th October 2015
We've got three nice gigs coming up this next three Friday nights. And both Dave and Dickie are playing! Brilliant!
5th October 2015
I was very happy to be part of the 'We Shall Overcome' 2015 festival, a wider event aimed at peaceful protest against austerity cuts in the UK over this (and the last) parliament. e.g. It does seem unfair to the poorer sectors of society, for them to have such things taken from them as 'working tax credits' at the same time as the very richest are given an income rise in the form of a tax cut! And it appears to me that most ordinary people are not in support of any more austerity, or indeed that kind of ideological change... This 2015 event, as part of the wider festival, made exactly that point. It wasn't just a rant though, it was musical, it was fun and there was a practical outcome. A collection of food donations (and cash) was made for local food banks. Thanks to all the team who made this event work at Glyde House and beyond to Joe Solo and his team for the vision and energy they have had. Power to the collective elbow!
4th October 2015
This weekend, thousands of people around the country are making a strong statement by being involved in this: http://www.glydehouse.co.uk/?p=11815 In Bradford there is a free concert where all the performers and organisers have donated their time and effort free. Please come along to support this or one of the other worthwhile events. (Just bring a food or money donation, there's no door charge.)
26th September 2015
We've just got back from the first Kilnsey gathering after a lively and hilarious first day and night at the Tennant Arms. They're all still partying but I've had to come away because I'm off to see Kate Rusby and her band in Wakefield! (Eee by gum, it's all pleasure for me this weekend.) Thanks to Andy and Elaine, to Abby and all the folk, and especially to the landlord Peter and the team at the Tennant Arms, Kilnsey. You made us very welcome. Peace y'all x
19th September 2015
I had a very enjoyable evening at the impressive Otley Courthouse theatre last night, performing a couple of warm up spots to a very welcoming audience (who had really come to see the legendary Allan Taylor at the Otley Folk Festival.) Although, many folk were unfamiliar with my own songs, they were prepared to have a go and together we moved a lot of air in the room! (Thanks, y'all.) Special thanks to Allan for his generosity in letting me share the night in this, his 50th year of performing. And what a lovely sound he made too!

Today I spent another very worthwhile hour listening to the great 'Coope, Boyes and Simpson' in the large and comfortable concert room behind Korks. They are stunning! I nearly shed a tear at their rendition of Pete Aitkin's song, 'A Hill of Little Shoes', a very moving piece which they performed with class.  

14th September 2015
We had a blast yesterday for our first trio gig of the season. Dave, Dickie and I played on the opening day of Saltaire festival week, in the delightful setting of Roberts Park, with its wide green spaces and beautiful buildings. A welcoming audience greeted us as we played from the bandstand, facing up the hill. Also on the bill for the afternoon were some other great performers: Den Miller, Reuben and Ruth, and Gerry Cooper and Phil Snell. I've not really appreciate the setting before, but I'll certainly visit again. Thanks to Eddie Lawler and the team.
6th September
Happy new year to all the teachers and children. I guess you are all busy now through the week, but on Sunday you can come to the Saltaire festival and see the trio at Roberts Park bandstand! It's our first gig of the season and we have some new songs to air (as well as lots of old favourites...)  We'll be on about 3pm but there are lots of other great acts. The afternoon of music begins at 1pm.
29th August 2015
I've had a nice few days in the sun, meeting new folk and singing songs. Thanks to everyone who came to see me upstairs in the ballroom of Whitby Folk Club on Thursday night of festival week. I made a whistle-stop appearance there! I'd have loved to do more but such was the crowd, and in order to accommodate those who had come to do a song themselves, my little guest spot was a bit squashed. Well I guess you can all hear my stories another time... The singing was great though, especially on songs a lot of people had not heard before. I'm also glad to see the Fleece is still buzzing. I spent a lovely afternoon there on the balcony above the river with some very talented folk. Peace y'all x
22nd August 2015
It's Whitby festival week everyone! The weather is ok and there'll be lots going on. It starts this weekend and lasts all week. I will be popping up here and there through the week, but my booked spot is on Thursday (27th) at the Friendship Rowing Club. I'll be there on Thursday evening to do a few songs. Hope you can make it there between 8-11pm.
12th August 2015
My season of gigs begins in a couple of weeks and runs through until spring. I've posted around a dozen dates so far. It's not too heavy but it feels like a healthy connection with the world. I've a bunch of new songs which I've been airing over the past couple of months and they're getting a good reaction from audiences, so I think they will be part of the next CD. (It's always a tough one to decide what I leave out!) A new CD will be next year but I'm going to be playing some of the news songs at gigs so we'll all have to learn the new words... The studio continues to keep me busy, with my own stuff but also with others who are far more talented than me!
11th August 2015
I've just returned from an enjoyable weekend at Broadstairs festival. The weather was brilliant and the buzz fantastic. Music emerged from almost every doorway, but you had to search a bit to choose what to listen to!  (There was so much good stuff...) I performed for some lovely folk and met friends old and new. Watch out for Vic Smith and his giant squeezebox... (his 'small' box playing was also stunning too!) Thanks to Chris and Jane for putting us up and for the warm welcome we received, to Josh for consistent muscle help with the gear and a special thanks to Jessica for her generous enthusiasm. Now let me see where are the dates for next year's festival...?
13th July 2015
I've been playing outdoors a few times lately and I think I was built to wear shorts! Ok, we won't talk about that then... Anyway, it's turning into quite a nice summer. I've played at the birthdays of family and for friends' parties and it's given me chance to play with people who I don't normally. A notable moment for me was yesterday, playing a short set with my own sons, Cal and Pete. It doesn't get better for me than that! (*proud*) Oh... and watch out for Patrick Hogan ('the voice') who I'm currently recording an album with.
22nd June 2015

I can confirm that I will be appearing at Glyde House (the home of the Topic Folk Club) on Sunday 4th October as part of the 'We Shall Overcome' weekend to protest about austerity cuts and, as I understand it, to raise money for other good causes (e.g. food banks).  The festival is being held nationally with many other events taking place over that weekend. Here's the link again: https://weshallovercomeweekend.wordpress.com/

1st June 2015
I'm happy to confirm that I'll be doing a few numbers in the Whitby Friendship Rowing Club this year as part of Whitby Folk Festival Week. The rowing club is the home of the folk club in Whitby and this year it's one of the official venues. I've been visiting Whitby for years at this time of year, mainly around the harbour side pubs and singarounds and I've always come away happy but hoarse. This time I've been asked to do a short solo set upstairs in the concert room of the folk club and I'm feeling very honoured. There will also be chance to join in the singaround there so bring your best voices! I'll be on some time between 8-11 pm.
19th May 2015
I've had some nice nights out lately visiting a few folk clubs and gatherings. Last night I was in Barnsley to see Joe Solo play at the folk club there. He had Rebekah Findlay with him on some numbers, singing subtle harmony and playing the violin. They were great together! Joe is driving the 'We Shall Overcome 2015' festival which I'll be playing for in October. It's a great idea, to raise food and resources for local people with dozens of events taking place across the country. https://weshallovercomeweekend.wordpress.com/  More on that later. And I'll be posting some more dates soon.
14th April 2015
Thanks to the good folk of Skipton Folk Club for such a lovely warm welcome last night, when I dropped in unannounced to see Stuart Douglas. My good friend Dickie Dixon did the driving and together we got up and did a couple of songs. The floor singers were all great and of course Stuart himself was brilliant. He did two great sets, covering a range of songs, all very sensitively and skilfully performed. Thanks everyone for a cracking night, the first I've had for a while after a short break. I think I'm back in the saddle!
March 2015
I'm playing minimal dates this summer as the other guys are travelling and I've a few things to do without them. Some confirmed Autumn dates are now being posted... all will have details to follow....
25th February 2015
It was a fun run out last night with Dave Jr and Dickie, as we went to visit our old friend James at Chorley FM on his folk radio show (No, they still won't let me use the catch phrase!) Thanks guys, you are incredible. We got to play half a dozen songs live and we laughed and chatted with James about stuff. Where did an hour go..? Wasn't sure at all when the mics were on, but it's ok, I didn't say anything. Now.. what was all this about the power of three... Hope to see y'all soon x
9th February 2015

We had a great night at FRACA (Folk Roots Acoustic Chapel Allerton) last night. The place was jumping although it was a bitter cold night outside. Entertaining floor spots and a brilliant response to us made it a worthwhile night out. Thanks to all who came and joined in. I'll see again. Peace y'all x

19th January 2015
I have nothing but praise and thank for the excellent skills, great communication, kindness and compassion of the staff who admitted and treated a dear one of mine recently, at St James Hospital in Leeds. Initially through A&E, then via the Ambulance Service and onto the LGI for a stay (and to whom I am also indebted...) In these days of uncertainty it is pleasing to see our health care service at its very best, providing care which the NHS should be very proud of and for which we are forever grateful.
13th January 2015
I went to see my son Pete Cockerham play with his band 'Swanky Bigfoot' last night. Wow! I've heard the songs for a long time, played around the house as he has written and developed them, and with his band they sound even better. They range from the sensitive to the wild! My favourite is 'Wandering By'. Pete fronts the band on guitar and voice and his friends Luke and James play drums and bass guitar respectively. Pete has lots of great songs in a variety of guitar tunings. And the other guys support his work admirably with both energy and restraint, just as needed. Can't wait to hear them all again.
3rd January 2015
Well, it's a happy new year to everyone. 2015 looks like being an exciting year at this end, with a number projects already taking shape. I won't be gigging as much this year (but the ones I'm doing will be great!) and I won't be idle. The studio is up and running and and I'm busy in here organising and arrangement new material, and writing and recording for others. I do want to draw your attention to a great new festival in North Yorkshire at Poppleton Live. Although I won't be performing, I'm likely to be around giving it my support as a punter. I've played for them previously and it was lovely scene to be part of. Have a look at who is on this year: http://www.poppletonlive.co.uk/#!festival/c1a2k Good luck to them all. And I'll be posting a few gigs of my own over the next few days.
29th November 2014
Thanks to all the people who came to see us perform at New Headingley Club in Leeds last night (and there were quite a few). I enjoyed it, the reaction was positive and I feel quite excited about sorting some other gigs out, I can't do without it. You suddenly realise there's a hole in your life which can only be filled with applause. (I think it was comedian Bob Monkhouse that said that!) So I'll definitely be back. But the reality is that I'll be out of sight for a little while now. The studio beckons and I have another project I'm about to start. I'll still be travelling and appearing spontaneously and I'll be popping up on radio shows here and there. But apart from a few special appearances, I won't be gigging again until next year.

If you haven't got the new album yet, it's here > CLICK TO BUY 'Running Man' CD <

Keep checking in here though, as I'll be dropping in some more free downloads and videos. Peace y'all.

23rd November 2014

Feeling much better now after a few days of lurgy. Got thumbs up from the Durbervilles on their BBC radio show tonight. Thanks chaps! They mentioned my forthcoming gig on Friday at the New Headingley Club, Leeds. They referred to us as 'the Phil Cockerham Trio', which we often get. It's ok because most web searches usually end up where we need at www.philipcockerham.com so you can safely find out where the gig is. >click here<

The song they broadcast is 'The Ring Goes Round' from my new CD album 'Running Man'. It's based on an Alabama playground skipping game, which I've developed and written some more verses. I love the rhythm that Dave and Dickie do on this one. I'm looking forward to the night now I'm nearly back to normal!

21st November 2014
Despite suffering from a nasty respiratory type virus (for which I was heavily medicated to within a whisker of my liver) I enjoyed playing last night for the Shipley Glen Tramway fundraiser. Reubik and Eddie Lawler both showed their worth in an entertaining concert to a small number of people and we finished the night, though today it's just a blur. Apparently we played well, although I reckon Dave and Dickie had their work cut out, following me on my random ramblings through 'alternative' arrangements of the songs. They are top players those two. It's always a pleasure to go on with them. Thanks to all who attended, including the bear.
8th November 2014
I'm in! The sound is great and the mood lighting very cool. I guess I'll be adapting things as I go along and making things just as I want them, but I'm so glad to be sitting here writing this, nice and warm as it throws it down outside. Now where did I put my favourite guitar...?
24th October 2014
The new sound studio is almost complete, with power and lights now in and soundproofing almost complete! Soon we'll be up and running, a few licks of paint, a few posters and we'll be making music. Sincere thanks to Rocky Render and Anthony for their skills and good humour in the building over the last few months and also to Paul and Brendan for electrical expertise. It's been a joy each day to turn up and see the studio grow. It's only a short walk from my home so I don't even need to drive there. I'm a lucky man I know...
21st  October 2014  

I'm sorry to say that the gig in Leeds on Thursday has been cancelled by the venue at very short notice and through no fault of my own. I apologise to all the people who were looking forward to coming to see us (and I know there were quite a few.) Hopefully we'll see you at the next Leeds gig.

16th October 2014
I'm happy to say that I've been into the very pleasant Jumbo Records in Leeds today to replace the stock of my new album 'Running Man' which they had sold out! They also stock my other CD albums, 'Janglebuddy' (2011) and 'Waiting For The Age of Reason' (2010). All three can be bought directly from them in the shop or by post. Here's the link: http://www.jumborecords.co.uk/music-item.asp?product_id=PHILC001
24th September 2014
I'm very sad today at the loss of my good friend, Bruce Wilson, after his battle with Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. Bruce was a man of many talents and interests, both artistic and technical and just like the 'ask Elvis' character on the radio, he could answer any question and solve any problem. Anything he did, he made sure he did well. He was a kind and generous friend of mine for about 30 years and helped me out of many a scrape, asking little in return. He was in fact the architect of this website, took the original photos for it and those for my first album and, being an excellent musician, he also played guitar on it. (The blistering electric guitar solo on the song 'Care Of It' is Bruce himself, recorded almost in one take.) Many will know him for his top class camera work on films and TV programmes across the world, notably Casualty, Emmerdale and Coronation Street. Others will know him through his love of fast cars and bikes, which he handled with supreme coolness. Whichever way people met him, he will be remembered with great affection by all those who knew him. May I wish sincere sympathies to his family, particularly to his wife and children who I know, as he told me, were very dear to him. Rest In Peace, Bruce Wilson.
22nd September 2014
Thoroughly enjoyed my Sunday at Otley folk festival. Played twice, both gigs great fun and I caught up with some old and met new friends. Thanks to all who came to see the line-ups at the Horse and Farrier and later for the festival's last evening concert at Korks. Peace y'all x
13th September 2014
It was a great evening at the Castle in Bradford last night, a return visit as guests to a brilliant music night run by the inimitable Muppett and hosted by welcoming landlord, Paul Chand. Dave and Dickie accompanied me in their usual fine form and we were received warmly by a lovely audience who joined in just the way we like. The ' International Cabaret' floor spot session was fun and I was also delighted to hear one of my songs performed by Stuart Douglas, one he says is becoming part of his regular repertoire. He played 'Last Orders' from my first CD album and held the room spellbound with it. He did such a great job of it!

Next week we're at Otley Folk Festival, making two appearances on Sunday; 2.30pm at the Horse and Farrier and 8.00pm at Korks, the home of Otley Folk Club.

18th August 2014
Here's a bit of fun that we've putting in the set lately. This was recorded on a little mic at Friday's gig in Bollington folk club. > click for 'Aching All Over' mp3 <
16th August 2014
Thanks to all at Bollington Folk Club for a super night at the club last night. The room was full and the audience embraced us from the start for a night of some new and some older material. It was the first performance of some newer songs but much of the audience seemed to know the words already! Bollington is a wonderful club which attracts some brilliant guests. Coming soon are Anthony John Clarke, Joe Topping and Jez Lowe so I'm delighted to be in such good company as guest. Dave Bowie and Dickie Dixon were both on great form and we had lots of fun. Thanks to Pete for the gig. I'll be back!
4th June 2014
Very exciting times! I am currently supervising the planning and building of a music studio from foundations to roof, from conception to the sounds it will capture. Previously, I have recorded in a variety of places using a variety of equipment. It's been ok and I've made three CD albums which I'm very proud of, but the process has been variable and sometimes I've had to wait for spaces and equipment to be available. No more! :-) The studio will be under my control, built to my own requirements and only a short distance from my home. I could just about walk there too! Can't wait!
27th May 2014
It was fun to go back to the Red and Green club yesterday (bank holiday afternoon) to play for many of the same good people we saw not long ago. There were many new faces though and everyone got into the spirit of protest song! What a great crowd. We also were treated to a fantastic dahl curry too. Thanks to Simon for that. Hope to see you all again soon.
22nd May 2014
I've just seen a brilliant review of my new album by Jumbo records! Thanks guys... I'd like to say I agree with every word! http://www.jumborecords.co.uk/music-item.asp?product_id=PHILC001
17th May 2014
Thanks to all the enthusiastic audience members who came along last night to celebrate the existence of Shipley Glen Tramway (and to support its future!) The lads and I had a great time and there was a variety of great music performed by the other acts, which we enjoyed. Thanks to: Into the Buttercup, Reubik and Strid. Also, great praise to Dina, who organised the whole thing along with her colleagues ... and there is a photo of us looking like we might have been there when the tramway was opened in 1895! Just click the link.
>  Caroline Street benefit for Shipley Glen Tramway May 2014 <
11th May 2014

Thanks to the Durbervilles for giving us a plug on their BBC radio show tonight, with regard to the gig at Caroline Street Social club on Friday. http://www.shipleyglentramway.co.uk/events

Itís a fundraiser to maintain and preserve the incredible Shipley Glen Tramway (a beautiful Victorian railway track running up the hillside!) But it ainít just me! Iíll be sharing the evening with three other great acts: Into the Buttercup, Reubik and Strid.

Itís going to be a brilliant evening!

8th May 2014
We enjoyed our guest night at Otley folk club last night. It's a while since we were there and we were well received by a lovely audience, who took very little persuasion to join in. Thanks to opening singers Anne Jackson and Tess Leslie, and to Phil Snell who dazzled us all with his mandolin playing but most of all thanks to the folk who came out to see us, especially those who travelled a way. Hopefully I'll see you again at the festival in September.
5th May 2014
Despite rumours on the gossip vine, there will be three of us appearing as the Philip Cockerham Trio (!) tomorrow evening at Otley Folk Club, which can be found behind (through) 'Korks wine bar' 40 Bondgate, Otley, LS21 1AD. Doors open 8.30 for welcome and floor spots, after which I will be joined by legendary double bass player Dave Bowie Jr and the genius that is Dickie 'magic' Dixon on percussion and harmonium. Sometimes we sing in 3 part harmony (well you couldn't do that with two people without careful panning...)
26th April 2014
Dickie and I visited the studio at BCB radio last night to play a few songs live on the Friday night live 'WIN' show, as part of their first birthday show. We bumped into Lisa Glover there, who also did a couple of great songs. Lisa has just started as a presenter there so I think we'll be seeing more of her. Thanks Dan Carroll for the warm welcome and to Tariq, who helped us with the link between studios.

Tomorrow we'll be playing at the Beck in Brighouse from about 4.30 until 8.00 ish (not all the time though! We are lucky enough to have Ben Greaves and Georgette Hilton as support acts.)

21st April 2014
I'm really pleased to tell you that Ben Greaves from Leeds will be coming along to the Beck on Sunday to play a few of his songs. He's a great singer/songwriter with brilliant original songs. The gig is 4.30-8.00 ish and Ben's on first. I'd get there early to see him. Then it's Dickie and me, doing a mixture of favourites and originals. Oh, and bring your voices too! :-)
13th April 2014
Just read a great review of our gig on Thursday on the Crookes Folk newsletter. Have a look at this:

"I'm still buzzing from the trio's performance at Crookes Folk Club last Thursday.

I remember thinking over and over, you know, that's a great song.

When I go to a really great gig, I get lost in the performance, carried away to somewhere, goodness knows where, mesmerised, you might say. It doesn't happen to me that often, but it happened on Thursday, in one of those moments, as I came back to the real world Philip was singing the lines "Ain't gonna play the game no more, Ain't gonna play the game no more" I can't get them out of my head now!

Thank you Philip, Dave and Dickie for a performance that will live with me for the rest of my life."

Steve Cooper 13 April 2014 10:57

Wow! That's very flattering and not a little blushmaking (is that a word?) But I've just got to tell you about it. (I'd be daft to keep it to myself. Thanks Steve. I'm really pleased that I've been able to make an impression like that on someone.) Of course, it wouldn't be the same without Dave Bowie and Dickie Dixon, who these days seem to speak the same language as me when we're playing together. Even when I go off on one, they follow me, Dickie like a rock with the percussion and Dave weaving his own magic on double bass until we all land together in the same place. I'm such a lucky guy. Those two are top players.

11th April 2014
We had a great night at Crookes Folk Club last night, in Sheffield. A lovely audience joined in and raised the roof with their singing, making a real fuss of us. It was brilliant to hear my own songs sung back to me with such energy. It always surprises me how much of my stuff people know and I feel so privileged to be accepted by so many in the folk world. Thank you to all who came, especially the Backyard Buskers, who joined us on stage for a couple of numbers. Well done to Steve Cooper, who puts so much into making this a great club.

I've been recording today with my friend, the actor Leon Ward, who's written an instrumental piece for a drama he is working on. Good stuff.

30th March 2014
There are a few new videos of me popping up. Here's one courtesy of Ian Swineburne, of Loftus Acoustic at the Station in Loftus. (Many thanks, Ian) He does the sound, films everyone for the catalogue, then gets up and performs! Impressive on all counts! Anyway, hope you enjoy it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KmGH_7Gs8Tw&feature=youtu.be 
25th March 2014
It was nice to see such a good crowd for my return to Mansfield folk club last night. I've been there a few times and it's great to hear my own songs sung back at me with such conviction! I loved it. I'm always made very welcome there. Thanks to Tina especially, but all the rest of the team too. And thanks to a fun audience who clearly love going to the club.
3rd March 2014
It was a lovely night at the Red and Green Club in Milnsbridge last night. We played as a trio to a small but very appreciative audience in their new home at the Socialist Club in Milnsbridge. It's a nice place, with a welcoming and friendly bunch of folk and everything we did was well received. They have some great guest performers lined up over the next few weeks and I wish them well. Thanks to Ed and the rest of the team for inviting us there. We'd love to go back again and play for them.
3rd March 2014
Thanks to all who came to see me and Dickie yesterday afternoon/evening at the Beck in Brighouse. I was the MC and I introduced some great acts including Chris Scarlett, Georgina Hilton, Keystone Acoustic and Ian Crabtree / Dave Kennedy to an appreciative audience. 
21st February 2014
We had a brilliant night at the Topic folk club in Bradford last night! A nice turn out and a lovely crowd. It was a great atmosphere last night. Dave and Dickie were both on form and so were the audience, who sang and laughed in all the right places! And thanks to the many people who bought the new CD. Fortunately I'd brought plenty with me so we didn't run out! Hope you all enjoy it. I'll  be back at the Topic before too long, maybe for a singers' night because I like it so much, especially in their new home at Glyde House in the centre of Bradford. It's a long established club which has been going since 1956.... Here's to the next 58 years of the Topic!
1st February 2014
I had a little lie-in today after my late night radio spree on BCB 106.6 fm last night. Dickie and I were there for a couple of hours in what was a very interesting show! Invited by Daniel Carroll, we performed alternately with another band, 12 Bars from Mars, who played in the studio next door. We did a couple of numbers before we swapped each time and that (interspersed with interviews by Phil Pope) ran for about 90 minutes. Quite an unusual gig but the format seemed to work. We got a lovely welcome on arrival and it was nice to have a little banter with the other band. Thanks for another great evening y'all.

I'm going to take a little break for a week or two now before we all meet to rehearse for the next gig. (But wherever I go, I'll be taking my guitar!) We've been working hard to finish the album and I have to say I'm pleased with it. The running order works well and is now being listed for the cover sleeve. I've enjoyed working with Steve Crow on the production and I've learned so much. In fact, the sessions I've done over the period have thrown up quite a few songs which don't appear on the album. We've managed to create such a pleasing bunch of sounds though I've managed to narrow it down to 12,which made the cut and sit the best together from the beginning to the end. There'll be some copies available at the next gig, with Dave and Dickie at the new Topic Folk Club on 20th Feb (>see news and gig list<). I'm looking forward to that. See you there!

Wednesday 28th January 2014
I've just heard of the death of the great Pete Seeger today, aged 94. He was such an important man in many respects: as a singer/songwriter who surely must have reached everybody with his wonderful but simple songs (check out his catalogue! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pete_Seeger), with his political and environmental stance well before everyone else had such awareness, with his common sense and his struggle for fairness and justice in an unbalanced world. His influence on me and many others was enormous. May he rest in peace but may his influence roll on.
Monday 27th January 2014
It was great to meet the Durbervilles last night for their BBC Radio Leeds 'folk and roots show'. I was the guest again for the evening (this time accompanied by Dave and Dickie) and we played three songs including a couple from my forthcoming CD album which I have decided is to be called 'Running Man'. The Durbs were on form and were as funny as ever, making us feel very welcome in the studio. Thanks guys, we had a great time!
The new album should be available mid-February, hopefully for our Bradford gig on the 20th at Glyde House.
Saturday 25th January 2014
I'll be at the Beeb tomorrow evening with my accomplices Dave and Dickie, playing a few songs on the Durbervilles folk and roots show on BBC Radio Leeds between 8.00-9.00 pm. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p001d7kk  Have a listen if you're free. I'll be playing something new.
Tuesday 14th January 2014
We had a great night at Skipton Folk Club last night. It was a lovely turn out of people wanting to have fun. The upstairs room in the Narrowboat is perfect for a nice bustling club with its great atmospheric and acoustics. Lovely singing from everybody too. Thanks y'all.
We're onto the final mastering of the tracks for the new CD album now, the cover is well on and the replication button is set so it won't be long before it's available. I've sent a few tracks out to a few people and the good folk at BBC radio show 'The Durbervilles' have asked me in for a session again next week. We'll be playing a few songs in the studio for them so I'm looking forward to that. And there's some other nice gigs coming up. Keep checking the dates list, it grows all the time!   >click< 
Monday 6th January 2014
Hope it's not too late to wish everyone a happy new year! It's January and I'm emerging back into the light! I've some exciting things happening this year, including my new album release (due very soon), some radio 'appearances' and lots of great gigs coming up.
I'm always happy when a plan comes to fruition and I can deliver the goods. Of course, that relies on a whole chain of people, from the musicians who sing and play alongside me, to the technicians and those who handle the sound so thoughtfully, the artists and designers who create beautiful images, graphics, posters and adverts for me, the promoters who so enthusiastically provide the opportunities for me to perform, the media activists who take it even further to audiences across the wires and the airwaves and to the unsung heroes who just help make it all work! Without all them, I couldn't do what I do. Then there are the audiences who turn up and spur me on, often having a little word with me at the end to tell me how much they have enjoyed it. Thank you to everyone who makes it such a positive experience!
Tuesday 24th December 2013
Whether you celebrate it or not, I would like to wish everyone a happy and peaceful Christmas break and a successful and positive New Year. The longest day has passed in the UK and we are now heading towards the light... If you are working over the holiday period, thank you for whatever you are doing, for keeping us all safe, fed, entertained and serviced. Eventually, Karma's gonna get you...
Saturday 14th December 2013
Just noticed I've been advertising gigs with the wrong year (!) on them. Nobody told me! So just to be clear. Here is the real truth: > click please <

I'll be posting a few more dates for next year when they are confirmed.

Monday 9th December 2013
Dave, Dickie and I were joined by a small but happy audience at Dobcross Folk Club last night. I thought I'd been recognised downstairs beforehand when a smiling attendee asked me If I had anything in for Boxing Day. I replied that I hadn't taken a booking that day, at which point he said, "Could I book a table for four please in the afternoon?" It prompted me to think I might earn a few quid collecting glasses before the gig...
Thanks to Kath and Paul for a lovely welcome. Good luck y'all.
Wednesday 4th December
It was nice to see so many friendly faces last night at Morley folk club. We played through their new PA and I'm told, it sounded great. Thanks to all who made it work and special thanks to Dave and Dickie, who both played like stars. We had a great night!
On Sunday, we're on at Dobcross Folk Club. I'm looking forward to playing with the guys again. It's always magic to have Dave's double bass and Dickie's rhythms and harmonies carrying me along. When things just click it's a real buzz.
In the meantime though, I'm out exploring and filling my diary with dates for the future. I've even taken something for 2015. Hey, I might have a load of new songs by then! (Certainly won't have the same hair...) Thanks y'all for encouraging me. You're the ones to blame. x
Sunday 1st December 2014
I've got a new CD that's escaped! It received its first public airing on BBC Radio Leeds 'The Durbervilles' show tonight. Thanks Guys. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p001d7kk/broadcasts/2013/12 They played my song 'The Player' which features the usual trio (with the brilliant Dave B on bass and magic Dickie D on percs) and also the wonderful 'Backyard Buskers' on supporting vocals. Steve Crow who helped produce the album also sneaks in on soprano sax. The final album isn't quite ready but these tracks give a clue to what I've been doing all this time.
I'll be talking to Tim Moon tomorrow (Monday) on BCB radio 106.6 FM http://tunein.com/radio/Folk-Us-p170699/ during his programme 'Folk Us' between 9.00 and 10.00 pm. He might play a different song from the CD..!
If you miss all that then you can see me with the lads this Tuesday (3rd Dec) at Morley folk club in Leeds.
                                                         > Click For Gigs <
30th November 2013
I shall be in conversation with Tim Moon on Mon (2nd Dec) during his 'Folk Us' radio show on 106.6 FM or online. He'll be joining us over the telephone between 9.00pm-10.00pm as I rehearse with my trio, including Dave Bowie Jr on double bass and Dickie Dixon on harmonium/percussion. Imagine... double bass down the telephone! It'll never fit! http://www.bcbradio.co.uk/
2nd November 2013

Well, the next album is almost finished. Most of the tracks are down, a few bits of editing and then it's down to the mastering and final touches. I've commissioned the cover artist and I'm very excited about seeing the final thing, Don't plan it as a Christmas present for anyone though, sorry. The whole process has been slow, but I hope it will be worth the wait. Planned release is for early 2014.

Now I have the time to get out and play a bit. I'll be popping up at a few familiar old haunts and I've had a few invitations to new clubs which I intend to follow up now. I could see you anywhere, maybe at one of the planned gigs I have in the next few weeks. > click for GIGS <

28th September 2013
It was our first visit to the Castle in Bradford last night and what a great gig it was! Dave and Dickie came along and we played two sets of our songs to a very welcoming crowd. Paul, the landlord, even came on and did an Indian number on the harmonium with the three of us joining and supporting him. I was particularly delighted with how Dickie responded to the music on his big drum, he sounded like a natural. That bit was a first for us and it was brilliant! We also got the chance to play a few of the new numbers from the next CD as well as some of our old favourites and at the end of the night we got a standing encore. Much appreciated... thanks y'all. Thanks also to MC Muppet and for Sue for booking us. We're arranging our date there now for next year.

Friday 26th September 2014 - Music at The Castle   20, Grattan Rd, BRADFORD   BD1 2LU

 After a great night in 2013 Phil returns to the Castle in 2014, again accompanied by ace double bass player  Dave Bowie Jr and percussion / harmonist, magic Dickie Dixon.


23rd September 2013
Just found this clip of Dave and me at the Beverley Folk Festival this year playing in the Moonbeams tent. Dickie was also in the background banging his drum but clearly the camera operator didn't like him! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HROusZZLu0

See you all at the Castle on Friday.

31st August 2013
It was a good gig last night at Roots in Headingley, Leeds. We played with a band called iFive (I think that's how they spell it) who were great! Two fantastic singers, Tony and Julie, who wove their voices with such soul through their original and catchy songs. Great band sound too. Loved it. We went on first playing to a lovely, responsive crowd. Dave and Dickie performed like stars for me and then Dave went on to let his hair down and joined iFive on electric bass. D'ya know, the lad can really play a bit, I'll give him that. Brilliant night. Thanks y'all.
12th August 2013
I'm very pleased to hear that Bradford based 'Strid' played one of my songs on the Durbervilles BBC radio show last night. Thanks guys! The exposure is always good. I didn't catch it, but I'm told their performance was BRILLIANT! I often tune in to the show when I can, but last night I was travelling well out of the area so sadly, I missed it. Hmm, I need to find their 'listen again' button. Good luck with the Shuttle Shuffle festival next weekend. And a hearty "ey up" to all my friends who will be there. Have fun and shake yer legs y'all.
10th August 2013 (later that day)
It was great to play on home soil this evening in the fading light, at the Grove's annual 'underground' festival of music. The weather stayed fine this year, the barbeque went ahead (lovely!) and we mingled and danced in the fresh air of the Grove's spacious beer garden just outside Leeds city centre. Two stages (one inside, one outside) both with good sound and always great beer. I've said it before, I love the Grove... I cut my teeth there years ago (musically, that is) and  I always find that the mix of different people both young and older gives it an atmosphere of peace and acceptance that you don't find everywhere. I'll be there again soon for their Weds 'open mind' night, one of the best acoustic open mic nights in the north. Well done again Mat and the team. I hope tomorrow is as nice for their second day.

It was also brilliant to catch up with a few old friends I hadn't seen for ages. Thanks y'all for coming and getting involved. Goodnight all. x

10th August 2013
A small but friendly crowd came to see us play at the Friday Folk Club in Guisborough last night. Despite this gig falling on the same night as the opening Saltburn festival first evening (just down the road), a few people still felt it was the better option to come and see us! We had great fun and it was a good night. Thanks to all who came, to the floor singers David and Paul and to Brian for the booking. Hopefully we'll be back there at some time in the future to play for a few more.
27th July 2013

Just added a gig at the Grove festival in Leeds on Saturday 10th August. I'll be on at 6.30pm accompanied by my old friend, Dickie Dixon on harmonium and percussion.

15th July 2013
Thanks to Craig for putting on the trio on a great first night at the Crown. Some brilliant floor spots too. And the drive home was stunning as the light faded over the top of the Pennines. I love going out and playing music.
10th July 2013

Broke my big toe on Friday. It's been hell! I wasn't able to go to camping at the weekend, as I could hardly walk and really couldn't drive. Missed a lovely festival in the sun, camping in an orchard with friends. Gutted! It's settling down and less painful now thank you. I'll be travelling to Lancs to play at the The Crown on Sunday night. (This gig was previously advertised as being at the Black Horse, so please don't go to the wrong place! It's just the promoter who's had a change of venue.) There'll be open mic slots and for our set I'll have Dave and Dickie with me.

4th July 2013
Thanks to all the good folk who came out to Uppermill to see me and t'lads perform for the Cross Keys folk club last night. It was great. The barn there is a a BRILLIANT place for live music with a small stage and good acoustics. The club has been running for decades and has seen some great performers there. It's in a lovely spot, surrounded by hills and dales and we were given a warm welcome by everyone. Thanks to Jim Schofield for the gig.
29th June 2013

I've been singing today with my friends, the Backyard Buskers, rehearsing 4-part harmonies for a recording we're doing in a few weeks. It was awesome. When got the blend it made me shiver. Can't wait for the sessions.

25th June 2013
...and it was great! A packed house in the Moonbeams tent at Beverley Folk Festival's 30th Year. I was joined by Dave Bowie and Dickie Dixon and we had fun with a lively audience, who sang along like good 'uns. The heavens opened again half way through the set so we sang even louder to drown it out. And it worked!
22nd June 2013
I've had an interesting few weeks and some unusual appearances (all of which have been ok) but tomorrow I'm in my favourite situation. I've got Dave and Dickie with me and we're playing at the Beverley Festival, in the Moonbeams Top Wold tent. We've got 45 minutes so it'll be fun. I'm looking forward to it.
3rd June 2013
I played a number of slots at the BAMfest held in Bedale, North Yorkshire this weekend. It was great. It felt like the first sunny weekend of the year. We camped on the festival site and met loads of lovely people. I'd like to thank the organisers for inviting me and congratulate them all, especially Paul Arrowsmith, for this successful event. Nothing beats music and sunshine!
28th May 2013
Had an enjoyable gig at Cleethorpes Folk and Cider festival yesterday. The sun shone ALL DAY! even when all other places seemed to be getting a soaking. A nice receptive audience spurred us on and gave us a keen welcome, getting us back on for another at the end. Thanks y'all. The festival is becoming a tradition in Cleethorpes. Glad to see it! Thanks to Tracey and the team.
17th May 2013
Exciting times. I'm currently working on the new album, having upgraded the technology! All previous tracks from the can have been transferred to the new system and the difference is amazing. I thought my first two CD albums were recorded and produced ok but this one will be even better! Thanks to Steve Crow for his expertise. The long awaited CD is taking shape...
1st May 2013
I've also just arranged a booking at Roots in Leeds (at the New Headingley Club) for later in the summer. That should be a good night. It's a great club and attracts some brilliant guests so I'm pleased to be part of it all. On the night we'll be doing a double-header with the band 'i-Five'.
27th April 2013
Bamfest times are now confirmed and my own slots can be found > here <  I'm looking forward to it.
12th April 2013
A couple more dates have been added for May and June. The first is at Holmfirth Festival (details tbc) and the second is a slot at Moonbeams@Beverley Folk Festival. I've not been there for a couple of years, so that should be good. Hopefully, I'll see a few familiar faces amongst the new ones.
21st March 2013
Here's a nice review of the recent support gig I did for Jez Lowe and Kate Bramley:


9th March 2013
It was good to play at Chesterfield folk club last night supporting the brilliant Jez Lowe and Kate Bramley. When you pay a few quid to see such legendary performers, you could forgive the audience for not wanting to spend too much time listening to a relatively unknown support act. But there was none of that. My half hour went like a flash and the audience were brilliant! They listened and sang, and laughed and encouraged me throughout. Thanks also to the great many who bought my CDs, when there was so much other good stuff on offer. Thanks to all at the club for inviting me to be part of a wonderful evening. Thanks also to Jez and Kate for their encouragement and endorsement. Oh, and yes, as expected they were fantastic. I sang "Old Bones" all the way home!
17th February 2013
It was great fun playing in front of a 'home crowd' at the Grove in Leeds last night. Pete and Pam Stone opened the evening and warmed up the audience nicely with a fantastic set. Thanks to all who came and thanks to Mat for doing a splendid job with the sound once again. There were lots of familiar faces and few new ones too. And when an audience sings with you with such heart, there's nothing like it... Thanks y'all.
12th February 2013
Thanks to all the people who came to see us last night at Barnsley Folk Club. I was there with the trio (that's Dave Bowie, Dickie Dixon and me) and being a totally acoustic night, we could hear each other perfectly and so we were able to loosen up and try a few more adventurous things within the songs. It was great fun and we were well received by the audience. I really like Barnsley Folk Club, ever since my first visit there some years ago when it was run in an upstairs room in a local pub, before they found their current home in the Trades Club. The floor singers are always entertaining with great songs which I've not come across before, and the welcome there is always nice. It was another very cold Monday night in winter and the turn out was good. Inside the club, you would never have known it was miserable outside. I really enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to next time.
3rd February 2013
It was a full house last night at the Bawtry Phoenix Theatre for our guest night as part of their very successful 'Folk and Blues at the Phoenix' season. It was return there for Dave and me, and it was nice to be back. This time we had our new third member, Dickie Dixon, on percussion and harmonium. The Phoenix has had something of a refurbishment and is very impressive for a small theatre. It's very comfortable, the sound was great (Thanks to Jon Sculley for that) and the adjoining bar lounge is spacious and good value for drinks etc. Thanks to all who came and made us feel so welcome. I hope we'll be back before too long.
28th January 2013
I'm spending a fair bit of time talking to people about gigs next year! (2014) I've a small number of confirmed bookings and a couple of festivals already enquiring about my availability. Oh what it is to be in demand! I've had to construct a makeshift diary made of folded A4 paper and supported with material from an empty cornflake box, until somebody prints a 2014 diary. I won't bore you with next years dates yet though...
27th January 2013
I'm trying to persuade Dickie 'Bongo' to pull out some of his magic tricks for our future performances. Then  maybe we could get a few children's' party bookings and increase our fee with cake. I wouldn't let him mess about with rabbits or birds though, he would have to pull quorn from his hat.
25th January 2013

I'm delighted to say that Pete and Pam Stone, collectively known as Keystone Acoustic, have agreed to be the opening act for our gig at the Grove in Leeds on 16th Feb. I'm so pleased that Pete is back in the 'saddle' after his recent health problems, which are hopefully now behind him. Come and make the night one to celebrate.

23rd January 2013
Thanks to all who turned up at Glyde House last night to see us play. It was good night and the open mic performers were also all entertaining, especially young Jack in his tiger suit, who was grrreat!. Well, as he explained, it was a cold night. Thanks also to Mat for doing the sound. Spot on mate.
13th January 2013
Had a very enjoyable Saturday evening yesterday at the VM Lounge (Victoria Mills, Shipley) playing for my old friend Mel, whose birthday it was. Although it was technically a private party, the doors were open to all and lots of other people came in and enjoyed the evening. Thanks y'all for your enthusiasm and a happy birthday to Mel (today). Maybe some of you will come down to Glyde House in Bradford on Tues 22nd Jan to see me and the band play. >click<
11th January 2013
Bah! Now it's going to snow. At least if I get stuck, I can sleep in the back of the van with my new silver survival blanket until the St Bernards arrive.

Posting new gigs pretty regularly now. BAMfest is the latest, but details of my own timings are yet to be confirmed. Keep watching please.

4th January 2013
A Happy New Year to everyone. The shortest day has been and gone now, so it's all looking a bit brighter.

I've lots of exciting things happening this year and lots of dates which are being discussed, although I never advertise public gigs unless they are fully arranged and confirmed. So it's a good idea to keep checking for new additions. My range has grown this year too and I'm likely to be appearing anywhere in the UK.  (Private gigs, parties etc are never advertised on here.)

I'll be doing some gigs with Dave Bowie on double bass, some with Dickie Dixon on percussion/harmonium and some with all three of us. I'll still be doing a few solo gigs too and it will mention on here which is which.

And at some point before too long, there'll be the new CD. That'll be my third album. I'd like to thank those of you (including the many radio stations) who have been playing the first two CD albums so much. Hope the third album will be as well received.

25th December 2012

May I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a successful and positive new year. I would also like to thank everyone who has encouraged and supported me this year: promoters and bookers, fellow musicians and of course, the good folk who keep coming to listen and who join in when I play, my friends and of course my lovely family.

Peace to you all x

20th December 2012
I've just had two lovely evenings in Sheffield.
Last night I went to see my friends, the Backyard Buskers, who were fantastic as the guests at Crookes folk club. New material as well. They get better and better.

The day before I went to see Ray Hearne performing his songs and poems, some of which are being carved as artwork onto marble benches, to be installed around Sheffield city centre as part of the 100th anniversary of the discovery of stainless steel in Sheffield. It was a very moving event and a tribute to a very fine songwriter. Artwork and letter setting on the benches is by the very talented Pip Hall.

I'll be posting some of my gigs for the new year soon. Of course, some of these may have already been advertised by the clubs themselves. So if you see me advertised for a public gig anywhere, it's probably true but the date will also appear here too, then you know it's correct.

12th December 2012
... and here's another blast from the past. This is the original demo for '100 New Promises'. It's dead rough but shows my original idea for it. It's much slower and has loads of harmonies. I think I'd been listening to CSNY and was wrapped up in that..! The demo recording still stands I think, for what it is. The final version, recorded a few weeks later, was included on my charity Christmas EP of 2010 and later on the album 'Janglebuddy'.

Anyway, here's the demo:     100 New Year Promises - original multi-track demo © Philip Cockerham 2010

11th December 2012
Just found this interview from last year again. I think the link still works.
10th December 2012
      >     click to hear 'In the Wake of Maggie' © Philip Cockerham 2012
I've just added a recording of the song I've been playing this last couple of days. You'll probably know the traditional tune as being from the Lewis Bridal Song or Mairi's Wedding. Here's my version. I've added some new words and I've called it ' In the Wake of Maggie'. Here is a rough take recorded this afternoon on just three tracks:  firstly a guitar and voice together, then mandolin, then lastly the second voice. It was a first 'take' each time and all the mistakes are there too, but what the heck... I'm still bedding it in. At least you can see and hear it and have a go yourself. Oh, and the guitar is in DADGAD tuning, as usual. Have fun.

I guess it lays out my social views pretty clearly. I'll get even less bookings now... (lol)

Do please mention where the words came from if you perform it. Thanks and good luck.

9th December 2012
Took the band to Liverpool last night, to a brilliant little club in Parr Street called 'Radical Liverpool' where we were booked as guests. Sat in a really comfy environment with nice beer and food and listened to the first two acts who were both great and very different. Got both their CDs too. Thanks to 'Our Morals' (who are also the house band every club night) and to 'Trim Rig and a Doxy', who had travelled a little further just like us.

After a little tweaking of the HUGE new PA system, we settled into our 'acoustic' set and got into the groove pretty well. The audience were fun and and we had the usual 'to and fro' comments bantered around the house. The singing was great and at times I hoped we might be heard in the neighbouring clubs and bars... maybe we were!

Thanks to everyone who came and spent their hard earned cash on a ticket to get in. Keep music live! And of course a big thank you to Dave Bowie Jr and Dickie' Bongo' Dixon for their expert accompaniment.

I'm taking a little Christmas break now from public gigs and I'll be posting dates for the new year soon. I've a few new songs to try and I'll be turning up almost anywhere to join in with the season's mirth and to catch up with a few old friends in the busy club and singers' nights. Have a fun, happy and peaceful Christmas!


Hey, here's a good idea! I'm posting some new lyrics I've written to a trad. tune, so it's there for anyone to sing. The tune is from 'Mairi's Wedding' and I call the new song, 'In the Wake of Maggie'. I know it will divide people like Marmite, but that's half the point... folk music allows for that! Try it in key of G which is good for guitars and also for violins and mandolins etc. The chords are G, C and D - easy!

 > click here for lyrics to 'In the Wake of Maggie' © Philip Cockerham 2012 <

5th December 2012

Next gig is on Saturday at 'Radical Liverpool'. I've not been there before but it looks good. There'll be three acts on, the house band 'Our Morals'  and a duo from Lancashire, 'Trim Rig and a Doxy'. The night starts at 7.30 pm and we'll be on about 8.45 pm.
I'm really pleased with the way Dickie Dixon has integrated his playing into my songs. He and Dave Bowie Jr work so well together, I sometimes have to just listen to them and then I almost forget to play! The Liverpool gig will be one of our rare ones where all three of us there. It'll be great.
Radical Liverpool, Studio 2, Parr Street Studios, 33-45 Parr Street, Liverpool  L1 4JN
26th November 2012  (This post should have appeared a few days ago but, due to a technical hitch, was late in appearing.)
I was delighted to walk into the village hall at Kirby Fleetham yesterday afternoon to join the 5th (and final) Kirkby Fleetham Folk Club's 'Big Birthday Bash'. It was more than a shelter from the storm; indeed it felt like a colourful wonderland of warmth and music, food and drink. Hamish, the MC, was just warming up the audience with songs and wit before presenting a string of great acts, culminating in headliner, Anna Shannon.    I played somewhere in the middle, a short solo set. It didn't really matter what was happening outside because we had such a great time inside. Everyone was on form, the cogs all fell into line and we all got happier as the light faded through the big stained glass window ...and Anna Shannon was brilliant of course. Thanks y'all. Have a look here at a bit of me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4TdhZcw6As
23rd November 2012
Thanks to all the folk who came to see us at Crookes Folk Club last night. It was great fun to play there and see a few old friends. We haven't been there for over 12 months so it was nice to be back. Well done to Steve, who's doing a great job in running the club these days.
20th November 2012
Dropped in on Skipton Fok Club last night to see guests, Ed McGurk and Nick Caffrey, who were great with strong harmony voices and evocative songs. Dickie Dixon was with me and we played a couple of songs together to open the second half,. We were warmly received by the audience who hadn't met Dickie before. Thanks y'all. I enjoyed the whole evening.
18th November 2012
Thanks to all who came to see me at the Travellers last night in Leeds. There were some old and some new faces and the response to my music was nice. I played about half my own material and half were favourites by other people, it being a 'pub' gig. Nevertheless, the audience were a polite, listening crowd, which I appreciated very much. Good luck to Pat who is trying to raise the profile of live music in the place and I was very happy to help out.

I'm looking forward to Thursday night at Crookes folk club in Sheffield. It's a familiar club to me and always fun to visit.

30th October 2012
We had a great night at Bacup Folk Club's new home, at the Rosemount club in Stacksteads last night. I was joined by Dave Bowie and Dickie Dixon on double bass and percussion/harmonium respectively and we played through a range of requests and new material. Strangely enough, the requests were all songs of ours! It's nice when that happens. And even funnier if I forget the words to one of them and audience members prompt me with them! It tells me people have bought the cds...

Thanks to everyone who came and supported us so enthusiastically. The new setup is nice and the team there work hard to create a great monthly concert. Thanks to everyone else who got up and to Keith the organiser, and to Chris the MC for the night. And thanks to that bloke for the bottle of wine.
24th September 2012
We had a great time this weekend for the 21st Annual Otley Folk Festival. I was accompanied by my friends, Dave Bowie Jr on double bass and Dickie 'Bongo' Dixon on percussion and harmonium. The audiences were enthusiastic and the response we got was wonderful. Thanks to all who came, the supporters, organisers and crew for making the weekend a success. I also got chance to play with my old mate Duncan McFarlane in the revival of our band 'Luigi Anada Boys', with their exciting harmony guitars and original material. I think we'll be seeing some more of them.
16th September 2012
It was another grand night at 'Poppleton Live' last night as I appeared in support of the wonderful Gilmore and Roberts. I did a couple of warm up sets for them in both halves and I was warmly and enthusiastically received by the packed house audience. The venue is brilliant and they're attracting some great names from the world of folk and acoustic music. G&R were top notch and their band mate friends, Tim and Tom, on double bass and percussion added magnificently. Thanks to John and Carol for their own welcome and to all who bought my CDs when there was so much else on offer. Check out Poppleton Live for future events. You'll love it, I'm sure.
12th September 2012
I'm back home for a day or two before I'm off again. It's been fun the last few days as we've travelled and played around the south and west. Played some nice gigs, met some lovely people and had a great time. Thanks to all the promoters, audiences and especially those kind people who provided accommodation for us. Hope to see you all again.
6th September 2012
Looking forward to a few dates in the south and west over the next few days. Dave Bowie Jr will be with me on double bass, so it'll be even better. We kick off tomorrow evening at the Village Pump in Trowbridge, which is a lovely place. Then down to Devon, over to Plymouth and back up to Warwick. I'll be trailing a ball of string so I can find my way home again. Dave has his own gig on Tuesday, so I'll be dropping him off back home. I'll slow a bit so he can get his little legs going before he jumps out with his bass. Then I'll be off again.

I'm doing a nice solo slot next Saturday at Poppleton Live, in support of  the fantastic Gilmore and Roberts, who are the main guests. They're really exciting with their original style of playing.

Looking ahead, my old mate Dickie 'Bongo' Dixon will be out and about using his magic and doing a bit of playing with me too. Watch out Otley festival. The Philip Cockerham 'Flexible Band' is coming.

14th August 2012
It was a hot and sticky night and I was sorry to leave Dave behind as I played the gig at Mansfield on my own. He was missed by everybody but then we got on with it and pretended he was there. We even almost held the 'Dave Bowie minute' but that was when nobody clapped and a cool breeze crossed the room... spooky... The room upstairs at the Black Bull is brilliant acoustically and the block platform and lights makes for a great stage. Got there to find Tina was also missing, but I was made very welcome by everyone else. I really like Mansfield folk club. There's even a tasty buffet at half time. The audience are great. They contribute well, in song and comments, in jokes and challenges (heh-heh) and what they save on door price, some folk spend on CDs! Thanks y'all. Get well Dave and Tina too.

I'm spending a bit of time in the studio over the next couple of weeks. I've got a few new songs brewing and I'm looking at drawing up the next album. It won't be soon but it's becoming a bit clearer what shape it will take. More soon.

12th August 2012
It was brilliant at Davefest! Well done to Gerry and Ani, to Shaun, to Shirley and Eddy, indeed ... to all involved in making this such a memorable event. There was a string of talented and generous performers who wanted to contribute to something which, I hope, will be repeated in future years. The farm was a perfect place to host a music festival, the huge barn with its separate bar area, the camping field on the cliff top and the lovely garden for relaxing in. I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend there and I'd happily come and support this cause again. Thanks to the family for opening the place up and making us all so welcome.
I returned home to learn that my bass player Dave has had to pull out of his part in tomorrow night's gig with me at Mansfield Folk Club. It's a shame he can't be there, but he only plays the low notes (!) so we might not even miss him and maybe I'll be able to get a word in... so I'll be appearing there alone. Won't even have to share my chips afterwards. (Get well soon Dave.)
9th August 2012

It's Davefest this weekend. I'm doing a little spot on Saturday morning about 11.25 a.m. (just before mid-day) I know it's very early but I understand it's a packed line-up as loads of people wanted to perform. Actually, there is another act before me, the young Skye, so get there especially early for a great day. I've even had me had me hair cut specially for it.

Thanks to the Durbervilles for playing me on their BBC radio show on Sunday. They opened with my song 'Ain't Gonna Play The Game No More' as a trailer for Davefest. So I'd better do that one.

5th August 2012

It was a lovely night at Church Farm last night at the Barlow Brewery Festival. They brew their own beer and a nice brew it is too! Thanks to all the folk who braved a stormy 'summer's' night to come and listen and sing... ... and laugh at me as I tried to dry off in the spotlight (heh-heh.) As the rain dried up, the moon came out and a warm zephyr ran across the farmyard. Or so it seemed... I enjoyed it all anyway.

I'm looking forward to playing not far away from there, in Mansfield, on Monday 13th. That's a good place, the Black Bull Folk Club. I've been there a few times and last time I took Dave, so it's a happy return for us both! It's always a good night and due to their amazing admissions policy, it's still only £1 on Feature nights.

1st August 2012
I visited the Grove in Leeds night night to have a listen and to play a couple of songs. I was accompanied by my old friend, Dicki Bingo, who played the djembe to great effect, enhancing my songs considerably. Thanks Dicki. It was an all round good night at the Grove, with some great performers. and once again, I didn't drive!
22nd July 2012
I'm taking a short break from gigging for a couple of weeks, in order to to maintain the infrastructure and do some essential repairs. I'll be having a new pick up installed on the mandolin and a few other things need attention. However, I could still pop up anywhere with a guitar and a song or two. Sometimes it's great to have no pressure and just turn up somewhere new where nobody knows me, to take my turn in the floor spots. That way I meet some interesting people and frequently I hear folk who just want to 'save it for Friday nights'. There are so many great musicians out there who otherwise I'd never hear. I also stumble across some lovely clubs where I'd wish to play. It's a two-way opportunity. It gives everyone a chance to see if we want to sort out a booking.
Well, we're almost over a second week and I've not yet had a fine from Transport for London for my recent indiscretion regarding vehicle emissions. Perhaps the cameras were switched off..? The whole thing was ridiculous. I'll let you know what happens...
14th July 2012
I enjoyed my slot at the Cutthorpe village festival last night. Thanks everyone for their enthusiastic singing and brightening up another rainy, grey, July evening. It was fun and I got to see my old friends, The Backyard Buskers  doing their bit so well. It felt a bit strange earlier, standing around the ritual well blessing, thanking somebody for the water when I could just open me mouth and swallow what was falling. But I understood the sentiment and the continuing line of thanks.
12th July 2012
BEWARE - A trap for unwary northern travellers! I was nearly stung with the London 'low emission charge'. As an infrequent driver in London, I had no idea that my own current vehicle, a humble VW van with the smaller 1.9d engine, apparently was subject to a charge of £100 per day (yes that's one HUNDRED POUNDS per day!) within much of the M25, including many parts of Outer London. No-one had informed me, I have had no notice through the post even though I registered the van over 5 months ago as its new owner. The signs on entering the zone simply say 'Low Emission Zone' with no other information. You are in before you understand about it. My vehicle is legal for all other UK roads, taxed & tested, fitted with a sound exhaust, well serviced etc... nevertheless I will be getting a warning over this first 'offence' They know because they are watching with their little cameras. Now I'm a green supporter and I am happy to pay reasonable taxes but it's not very encouraging to campers, visiting and staying on legitimate sites in perfectly legal vehicles, trying to save money as they work in the region. Ah well, they're are lots of other lovely places to enjoy.
On a good note, I had a lovely evening at Haverfolk in Romford last night. The locals were welcoming on a stormy night, friendly and encouraging. The turns were all entertaining and everyone was warmly received. Great MC, very funny and well sorted. And I think they liked me. I'd go there again (but I'd have to parachute into London and then tunnel out at the end because of the low emission charge...)

I'm also looking forward to playing at Cutthorpe near Chesterfield on Friday. Hope they don't have a 'spire tax'.

9th July 2012

Had a great time at the 25th Cleckheaton folk festival this weekend. It was bit of a special one, and we played a number of sets, in several venues to some warm and appreciative audiences. I was able to enjoy some great performances from the other acts too and met up with a few old friends. It's a shame the rain came as it did but many of the outdoor events still managed to go ahead, so all was not lost. Thanks to the organisers who worked hard to make the weekend such a success. And a special thanks to all the folk who came specially to see me. (I know all our sets were played indoors!)

I'm doing a couple of low profile solo appearances down south this week and then back in time for my Cutthorpe festival appearance on Friday evening. They're blessing the village well at 7.00 pm and giving thanks for water. Well you can't have too much water....

16th June 2012
Thanks to all the good people of Burnley Folk Club who came to the gig last night at the Kettledrum last night, and joined in the singing. It's always a great night there. I was impressed by the house band too, who get better and better. Thanks again to Alex Nearney for the gig.
13th June 2012
I enjoyed my visit to Chorley FM Folk Show accompanied by Dave Bowie Jr on bass. We played a few new songs live and chatted to host James Blatchley, who played selected tracks from my CD albums, 'Janglebuddy' and 'Waiting For The Age of Reason'. It was a good session.
Our next gig is on Friday at Burnley Folk Club. I always enjoy going there. Come along do, but please come early to get a seat. Limited floor spots available!
5th June 2012
What a great weekend! I made a few appearances at Southwell festival over the long weekend and it was brilliant. Southwell is in its fifth year and it was quite a spectacle with the 'big top' stage holding a couple of thousand people and the other nice stages, both under canvas and at many places around the town.
The rain came in on Saturday evening as I played onsite on the Barleycorn stage. But it didn't matter. We sang and we drank some more and I didn't have to drive. I went out and had a nice veggie curry afterwards and walked 'home' in the rain. Sunday was equally nice, playing a set in the folk club then listening to Lucy Ward getting her wires crossed in the nicest and most entertaining way! I'm appearing with her in September so it was nice to meet up.
After getting free from the mud on the festival campsite, happy and sodden, we tramped up country to Halifax for Betty's alternative 60th bash as Lewins, money being raised for the local Overton Hospice. Oliver Cromwell might not have approved of the revelry of the night but the happifax crowd seemed to like it.
29th May 2012
It was a lovely day at the Cleethorpes Folk and Cider festival on Sunday. A warm response from a nice crowd and a very enjoyable afternoon. Well done to all the organisers (Tracey and friends) in creating such  a smooth operation. Looking forward to next year.
16th May 2012
A few more summer dates are becoming clearer. Cleckheaton folk festival will see me appear no less than five times (four of them accompanied by Dave Bowie Jr on double bass.) > click here < and I'll be appearing at Otley folk festival later at the end of the summer. I've also just added a Sheffield date at Crookes folk club in November.

The other confirmed festivals coming up soon are Cleethorpes Folk and Cider Festival (> click <), Southwell Festival (> click <) and the new 'Davefest' in East Yorkshire (> click <).

There are also lots of nice club dates coming up too. Looks like being a nice summer...

6th May 2012
I've just agreed a deal for selling my CDs online through Jumbo Records. If you click on any of the links which say 'CLICK HERE TO BUY CDs', you'll be taken to Jumbo's online shop where you will see both my CD albums, reviewed and on sale there. Price is £7.99 plus p&p for each CD album.
29th April 2012
I enjoyed my night at the VM Lounge in Shipley last night. It was a good turnout and I kept playing way past the planned time. And even then, I was asked for more ... it was good night. Thanks to all who came specially to see me (quite a few) and those who bought CDs. Good luck to the future of the venue and to Matt who runs it. I think I might go back there in the warmer weather just to have a drink and see what's on. It's a nice place.
25th April 2012
I've just agreed to do a set at the first annual Davefest weekend in East Yorkshire, tin memory of Lance Corporal Dave Ramsden, and to help raise money for Help for Heroes and the Royal British Legion. It's a three-day event and there are some great performers appearing. My slot if for 40 minutes on Saturday 11th August, at 12.30. Whatever one thinks about conflict, it's clear to me that honest, brave servicemen and women who are killed or injured in the line of duty (on any side) deserve to be remembered and supported. Hopefully, we'll raise a substantial amount for them and for their families through this weekend festival.
20th April 2012
Had a busy week rehearsing, recording and stepping out here and there to play. Dave and I performed for the night at Rivelin FC in Sheffield on Wednesday. It was nice to see a full house and such an attentive audience. Thanks to everyone who joined in so readily to sing with us. Hope to see you again before too long.
I've also confirmed a couple of dates elsewhere for later in the year. The first of these is at Lewins in Halifax on the evening of Monday 4th June. This gig is part of a two day festival of celebration, to mark the extended weekend granted during Betty's 60th year in charge. I'll be dashing up country to perform a 45 minute set at some point on the Monday evening. Other artists are down to appear but as I understand, are yet to be confirmed.  Please watch  the list for further details.
The second newly confirmed gig is as support to the wonderful Gilmore / Roberts at Poppleton Live, in York on Saturday 15th September. I'll be doing a few songs to begin each half. Again, please watch the list for more info.
Both of these look like great nights in store.
8th April 2012 (later that day)

Forgot to say, I'm also at Southwell Folk Festival at the beginning of June. I'll be doing a set with Dave on double bass and another set on my own. But I'll be staying for the whole long weekend, so I'll be in and out, here and there. So if you see me, stop me and buy one (pint... CD... lock of my hair...?)

8th April 2012

Just confirmed and posted a couple of new gigs. The first is at the VM Lounge in Shipley on 28th April. This comfortable new bar is promoting live music every Saturday night and the range of guest performers look good. It's free admission and the food and drinks are pretty good too. The venue is inside the residential campus of Victoria Mills, overlooking a lovely green space with water features. Sit inside or out and enjoy the music.

The second newly confirmed gig is at Mansfield Folk Club on the 13th August. I'm accompanied by the wonderful Dave Bowie Jr on double bass that night. It's also a nice venue and the crowd are very welcoming. It's a return visit there for us, so I'm looking forward to it.

Went to see the duo Strid perform at Barnsley folk and roots festival yesterday. They did a great set and even did one of my songs, 'Bones' (from my first album) which was nice to hear. Did a good job on it too.              I understand they have a northern England tour coming up soon. Hope that goes well for them.

Anyway, it's Easter Sunday and I'm just about to tuck into a (veggie) bacon and egg sandwich. Oooh...Life is good.

3rd April 2012
It was a full house last night to see 'Elbow Jane' with me as support, at Mansfield Folk Club. There was a real buzz about the place and the band were brilliant! Great sound from their sound man Rich, and a wonderful atmosphere in the large concert room. Mansfield folk club really have the right idea. Ticket prices are reasonable (it was only £5 in) and there are discounts for the unemployed or people of age, making it possible for the less wealthy to access good live music. Thanks to everyone who came and gave me such a lovely warm welcome. It's my third visit to Mansfield FC and I'll be back soon for my own guest night there before long, hopefully with Dave Bowie on bass.
30th March 2012
Had an enjoyable evening at Guisborough folk club in the north east last night. Never been there before, but Bryan, the organiser, showed me the next 12 month's guest list and there are some great guests coming up there. I'm there in 2013, but I'm sure I'll mention it again before then..!
24th March 2012
Went to Burnley folk club last night to see Stuart Douglas and Pat Sherry. Thoroughly enjoyed the evening Those guys are great; they play a mixture of original songs and well chosen covers with a fair bit of banter with the audience. Martin Francis was also there to perform a couple of songs and I did a couple later on. The house band and a couple of other floor spots rounded off the night to make it a really nice one. They run every Friday night at the Kettledrum Inn, up on the moors on Red Lees Road in Cliviger, Burnley BB10 4RG.
14th March 2012
Had a few days without my Indian harmonium. It's felt very strange, but I've got it back now thanks to Martyn of Oakwood Instruments, in Leeds. I was privileged to sit and watch him figure it out and fix it while I waited, with the most ingenious and inventive methods. It's great to have it back and working. Thanks, Martyn.
My old mate Duncan McFarlane exclusively plays Oakwood acoustic guitars and he's currently using a little Oakwood mandolin which I tried and it felt nice and comfortable to play. Hey, this is turning into something like an advert for Oakwood instruments. Aw, what the heck ....I'm just grateful. Here's their website: http://www.oakwoodinstruments.co.uk/four/index.htm
8th March 2012
Enjoyed my visit to Carrington Triangle Folk Club in Nottingham last night. It was their 30th birthday night and I was made to feel very welcome by everyone. Met Steve from the Phil Langran band. What a great player he is! He and his flute and fiddle friends did a couple of instrumental numbers and they were brilliant. I played a few numbers myself although my fingers were sticky with birthday cake. I suppose it made it harder to slip off the strings! A nice night - I'm sure I'll be back there before too long.
3rd March 2012

Just been booked for 'Radical Liverpool', a flourishing acoustic club held in Liverpool's, Parr St Studio. Support is from 'Our Morals', an impressive young folk and acoustic band and another local support. Looks like a great night in store.

1st March 2012
It was an enjoyable night at Otley Folk Club last night. Thanks to Tess and to the Gerry McNeice band for warming up the audience in advance of Dave and me playing. We played some new numbers last night and of course many from the first 2 CDs, plus a few tributes and classics. There was a lovely reaction to us from the audience and it was good to be back playing in Otley. Thanks to everyone who came to see us.
29th February 2012
Thanks to the small but very appreciative crowd at Jangles in Milnrow, Rochdale last night. It was a foggy and damp night outside but we created our own atmosphere inside the community hall. This is a great club, with a brilliant venue and a very welcoming team. I do believe that when a few more people have discovered the place, they'll want to keep returning. We'll certainly be back.

It's Otley Folk Club tonight. I haven't played there for quite a while but this time I've got Dave Bowie on the double bass, so I'm looking forward to the night (we did play at the festival last summer, which was also fun.) Hope to see you there.

21st February 2012

Hey, thanks everyone for the suggestions of gigs for the Sept tour. I've got 4 in a row planned currently, so it might grow a bit now. Keep watching the list.

I'm going to explore a few new areas this year too, now the sun's coming out again. Just bought a camper van so it's going to be a bit like a folk man's holiday around here. Or maybe there. Veggie bacon and eggs anybody?

16th February 2012
Another date for the Sept tour; Emsworth sailing club near Portsmouth have booked me for a night. No gaps so I might try to extend the run at both ends now. Any suggestions or offers....?
29th January 2012

(Heh-heh) We've been booked to play at this year's Cleethorpes Folk and Cider Festival. I went there last year 'incognito' and it was brilliant! It rained buckets but we didn't care because of the great music and the cider (and we were under cover anyway!) I drank stuff I'd never tasted before and I loved it. On the outside, I was sensible and smiling and my toe was tapping all the way through the 'Hut People' and the other great acts, but on the inside I was like a whirling dervish, dancing to the wild exciting beat (partly down to cider.)                

Anyhoo.. it's a great day out and Dave and I will be there this year singing and playing (possibly a little dancing too, later on...)  Come and see us perform (before I start dancing), on Sunday May 27th at 1.00 pm, possibly under the covers at the light railway, that's at: Lakeside Station, Kings Road, Cleethorpes DN35 0AG

24th January 2012
Thought I'd seen the Northern Lights last night but it was only the lights of Brighouse. I love the drive over the M62 top and home to Yorkshire, at the end of a night of merriment and music. I'd spent the evening at a nice little club in Cheshire and it was a brilliant drive home. Sparkling night sky and quiet roads. Coool!                  As I approached it, Leeds looked like the Emerald City from the Wizard of Oz (laughs).
22nd January 2012

Just confirmed an evening with Rivelin folk club in Sheffield, for April 18th. I like the new premises in the large concert front lounge at the Nether End Bowling Club. I've got Dave Bowie Jr with me that night on double bass too, so it's a good chance to see us together in South Yorkshire. Not sure when we'll be there again in the near future.

20th January 2012

Just been 'chatting' online with James Blatchley, host of the Chorley Folk show on Chorley fm radio. It's a while since I was there and we've just arranged a date in June for me to go back and play a few songs in the studio, and have a chat live "on air" with him. He made me very welcome last time and we had a few laughs (gosh! it's almost a year since...) This time I'll be taking Dave Bowie Jr with me (and his double bass of course.) Looking forward to it.

9th January 2012
Another date added. Filling in dates for my short tour of the south-west and midlands in September. I've just confirmed Monday 10th Sept at Warwick folk club, a great club with a lovely venue and a nice bunch of folk.  I was there a while back and had a good night.
Keep checking the gigs list, it's changing frequently with more stuff being added. Ain't life grand!
18th January 2012
Just confirmed an evening at Jangles Live Music Club in Milnrow, Rochdale, for Tuesday 28th February (in just a few weeks time.) Dave will be joining me on double bass so it'll be even better! Jangles is a new club which runs from the Waggon Inn, in Milnrow. On alternate Tuesday evenings, they take over the larger community centre next door for their guest nights. The atmosphere is great, with nice chairs and tables, candles, good sound and lights and a very welcoming bunch of folk. All thanks to Terry and Julie!
17th January 2012
Phew! Well that's been an experience. Walked through a right minefield, I have. I suppose I should read all the tick boxes before I try to harness the power of Farcebook. I sent messages to about 500 people, whose replies and subsequent postings were seen by everyone in the group So that's 500 X 500  messages which arrived in everybody's inbox! Then they all said "it was him!" Been apologising all night!

If you want to find me on Facebook, it's http://www.facebook.com/ . You'll need to sign up to them, then find me on the site and send a friend request. I'll probably reply and accept your request (unless you're a nutter..) You can then join one of my regional info groups soon and start receiving news about my shows straight into your email inbox. E-technology! It's marvellous.

Anyway, I've created the 'group' pages for 9 regions of the UK which I'll be advertising soon. I'll be sending the invites out in a day or two when the dust settles. I think I'm better at playing music than doing e-stuff :-)
15th January 2012

This evening I've set up an open Facebook group called 'Yorkshire and Humberside/Philip Cockerham info' which is intended to make it easier to invite my Facebook 'friends' to my gigs. As I get to grips with this type of stuff more I'll make it more regional, e.g. so that I'm not inviting people from Canada to a gig in northern England! If you want to join the group, you'll need to be a Facebook member and then either send me a friend request or find and click, to join the group as named above. You'll then get your own personal notification of my events and news etc. through your own Facebook page. It might make things all a bit easier.

13th January 2012

We played last night at Lewins in Halifax. It was great to have Dave there again on double bass. We haven't played together for over a month, but it didn't take long to get back into the groove. I enjoyed it. Also on the bill were Tony Levy, who always gets the crowd laughing and sets a great tone for the evening, and the unique and wonderful Lisa Marie Glover. Thanks to everyone who came, also to Jonathan for running the PA and to Mork for setting up the gig.

11th January 2012
I spent last night in the company of Ian "Molly" Collins, the guest at Jangles Live Music Club in Milnrow, Rochdale last night. Great songs from a very nice guy. The venue is spacious and nicely set up too. The floor spots were all great (...did a few songs meself, a-hem!) The club's not been here long and they said it was a "quiet" night, but from what I saw the joint was jumping. Go and have a look for yourself sometime. They made me feel very welcome. Better still, come when I'm playing there next!
8th January 2012
...and we're off! I've pumped up the tyres and tuned up the guitars. I'll see you somewhere this week maybe. I'll be popping up to perform in a few places, not least Lewins Bar,  22-26 Bull Green, Halifax HX1 5AB on Thursday, where I'm on with Tony Levy and Lisa Marie Glover. That'll be fun. They're both great! Hoping to warm up my tonsils elsewhere as well this week but I'm not sure where yet. I'll probably tell you all afterwards! (heh-heh)

Happy New Year!

29th December 2011
A friend of mine has just created and posted a youtube video of my song "100 New Year Promises". Check it out at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8n2-5Rm_vjg&feature=youtu.be Thanks to Digby Mason for his ideas and "eskills" (which I don't have!)
15th Dec. 2011
Well, we're heading for Christmas and it's all exciting. I'm off the road for a bit, but the dates for next year are slotting in nicely. I'll be posting news of gigs, radio and recording soon, but I shouldn't say too much here until events are confirmed. I'm aware though that some events are being advertised locally in places around the country. I guess if they're advertising me it's probably true, but the details will also appear here too if I am playing anywhere. The advice is, please check on my events page here first before you travel any distance expecting to see me!
This year has been a great success for me. As I approach my second year of playing full time, I'd like to thank all the good people who've helped me make it happen: the promoters and clubs who've taken me on, sometimes on a risk with just a recommendation from somebody else; all the great musicians and friends who I've had the good fortune to work with so far, the audiences who've spurred me on and who are really the whole point of it ...but mostly, my family and friends, who are dear to me and deserve telling so now and again.
I hope that 2012 is a healthy, happy and positive year for all of us, and that the "builders" of our world have more influence than the "destroyers".

Peace to y'all x

28th Nov. 2011
Dave and I opened the afternoon concert for the Raise Your Banners festival in Bradford yesterday for a small but swelling audience. I think the music drew people into the hall (it was a free concert) and by the time we had finished our set there was a healthy and happy audience who gave us a lovely response. The festival occurs every two years and gives a range of people the opportunity to express their social and political views through song, so as you can imagine, I'm right behind it. And it's a lot of fun too!

I'll be announcing some dates for 2012 soon (there are some nice gigs coming up next year, clubs and festivals included) but for now I'm going to take some time up to Christmas to have a break. I'm back in the studio, recording some new music for another film. I'll also be popping into a few clubs to say hello, but I won't be out as much as last year, when I was out every every night in December promoting the charity single. That was gruelling with the winter we had last year but it was worth it for the response I got from everyone and the support we were able to give to Help for Heroes.

Keep watching this space and I'll tell you more soon.

26th Nov. 2011
I am pleased to announce that Dave Bowie Jr will be joining me on the double bass at tomorrow's gig for the Raise Your Banners festival at the Kala Sangam, St Peter's House, 1 Forster Square, Bradford BD1 4TY.        Visit:  http://raiseyourbanners.org/
15th Nov. 2011

A very enjoyable first visit by Dave and me to Mansfield Folk Club, as featured guests. This is a great club, well run and well attended and a great venue. Thanks to all who came and joined in so enthusiastically. Hopefully, we'll see you all again in early 2013! I'll be there before then to do a few numbers before the brilliant Elbow Jane, on Monday 2nd April. Might see you then...

3rd Nov. 2011
An enjoyable evening in Rotherham last night. A small but welcoming crowd turned up and joined in the music. The artwork in the gallery is impressive, with pieces from local and international artists and some nice sections for work from local schoolchildren. I think everyone who came along enjoyed it. Thanks to Paul and Davenport, and to Tina McKevitt and Matt Hegarty for their sets, and also to the two brilliant poets who did floor spots (sorry, I didn't get their names.) The set of concerts is being arranged by Ricky Masher, an energetic enabler of live music in the region. Well done, mate.
21st Oct.2011
Another nice night at Crookes Folk club in Sheffield last night. It was great to see so many new faces there, as well as the familiar friendly folk who I've met before. What was also nice, was the fact that so many people stayed late to see our second set, as we didn't begin this until late in the evening, there being so many floor spots to fit in. I do like the place and its atmosphere. While the music is being performed, people really do want to listen and join in, but in between songs the comments and banter between everyone comes think and fast. I like to hear people's reactions. I might have to buy a muzzle for Dave though... or raise the stomp box higher, so I'm even taller then him.
20th Nov. 2011
It was a nice evening at St Paul's in Bradford, where some of us gathered for the East Africa famine appeal fundraiser, with a small but generous audience who sang along and made a great contribution to the night. It was great to see a few old friends and some new faces too.
Tonight it's a return to Crookes folk club in Sheffield, for me and Dave. It's always nice there. The music starts some time after 8.30 pm.
19th Nov. 2011
It's been a strange month. I've been to 3 funerals and lost two close friends and a relative. RIP Steve, Geoff and Sandra. All were good people and made quite a difference to my life. I'll miss them all.

Today, I've got up and decided to appreciated what I have got and get on with it. I was asked a couple of months ago to make an appearance in Bradford at the East Africa famine appeal fundraiser they're holding. So I'll be doing a few songs tonight at St Paul's Church, junction of Church Lane/Skinner Lane, Manningham, Bradford  BD8 7PH.          I keep seeing images on the telly which make me shudder, of starving people who look so ill and desperate for help they will certainly benefit from your donation. If you do come, please have one drink less and give the money for that drink to the appeal. If you can spare more, that would be great. Thanks y'all. The evening begins at 8.00 pm

5th Oct.2011
So sad to hear of the death of Bert Jansch (RIP). He was a landmark for me and I loved his music from childhood, since before I even knew his name. He was performing until near the end and he was even working again with the mighty Pentangle. It's a great loss to "folk" music and must be an even bigger loss to his family and close friends.
1st Oct. 2011
I know I've been a bit quiet on here this last week or more, as there have been a few things going on for me, domestically and also connected with music. All my family are now back safe and sound in this country, after travelling to different parts of the world. My eldest has just returned from India with a few tales to tell. My youngest is back from Croatia after enjoying a music festival there. Even I have left Yorkshire a few times this week to play a few songs here and there! During this time, my computer connection has been playing up so it's not always been easy to get on-line to talk about it.
Dave and I played at Bacup Folk Club last week and received a nice welcome from everyone for our return there. I was really pleased to find that a few people had travelled some distance to see us. Thanks y'all!       The new CD is also being well received too. All in all, the music's been a great boost and now that summer is well and truly over (!) the clubs are up and running again properly and I'll be getting around to sing a lot more.
I'll be posting a few more dates, some for next year and some a bit sooner. Watch this space!
22nd Sept. 2011
It was an enjoyable return visit to Morley Folk Club last night. The turn out was good and everyone was in fine voice. Thanks to all who came. The club's regular floor singers and the other visiting performers, including Martin Francis and Pam and Pete of Keystone Acoustic, all contributed to what was a lovely evening.
19th Sept 2011
Enjoyed both the sets we did at Otley festival on Saturday. I do like folk audiences, they are so open and prepared to enjoy themselves. Thanks to all who came to the cricket club in the afternoon and later to the Horse and Farrier in the evening. It was a very healthy turn-out, despite so much other great stuff going on in the town. Thanks to Stanley Accrington for introducing us so generously.
On Wednesday we'll be playing at Morley Folk Club. It's a return visit there and I'm expecting a good crowd. Doors open at 7.30 for an early start at 8.00 pm.
3rd Sept. 2011
It was fairly quiet on the Saturday afternoon at 'Madfest', but those who were there seemed to enjoy it. I did a couple of short sets followed by 'The Backyard Buskers' and 'Treebeard' both of whom were brilliant! Sound on our stage was managed by Ani McNeice, who did a great job.
22nd August 2011
It was a blustery evening at the Grove festival yesterday. It's still summer, but didn't feel like it. The stage covers blew around around our ears and I was glad to keep moving. Thanks to all the brave souls who came and listened to us on the outside stage and lent their enthusiasm to the show. We really enjoyed it and it was nice to play again for the Grove. I like the old place and the crowd who have made it their own. Thanks also to sound man, Dave, who did a great job under the circumstances. We sold a few of the new CDs so it's out there now!
20th August 2011
It's here. And it's in my hand! If you want a copy, you can get one at gigs for £5 or you could get in touch by email and I can post you one (although that way it'll be £7.99 including postage and packing.)
I'm at the Grove festival tomorrow (Sunday) in Leeds, with Dave. Come and see us and buy a CD. We're on some time after 6.00 p.m.
7th August 2011
The new album 'Janglebuddy' is done! Mixed and mastered and off to the printers. I am delighted to have young Dave Bowie Jr on double bass throughout the album, bowing, plucking and slapping as he feels fit. There's also Tim Caesar on piano, and on vocals at various points: Charlie Barker, Tom Bliss, Jo Lewis, Duncan McFarlane, and the "Backyard Buskers" Kathy Cookson, Jane Foggin and Richard Pointer. The cover design and artwork is by Ruth Switalski and the whole thing is brilliant!!! (I know I'm biased but I am pleased with it...)

There are 12 tracks and it'll be available from 19th August. You'll be able to get it at gigs for £5 but as yet there is no 'buy-on-line' mechanism set up, so unless you email me and make an arrangement that's the only way to get it. If you do get in touch, it'll be £7.99 by post (incl postage/packaging, the same as the first CD.)

Here are a few samples: Janglebuddy samples > click here

30th July 2011
Just arranging a short spot at the Elsecar "Madfest" in Barnsley in September. Probably around 20 minutes and I think it will be Saturday 3rd Sept. More details to follow...
28th July 2011
I'm now able to fill in a few details about gigs, happening fairly soon. The Grove Music festival will see us appearing on Sunday 21st August at 7.00-8.00 p.m. outside on the raised stage.
And for Otley Folk Festival we're appearing twice on Saturday 17th September: firstly at the Cricket Club at 2.00 p.m. then later in the evening at the Horse and Farrier (formally the three Horse Shoes) -at10.00p.m. (both sets for about 45 minutes) There are lots of other great things going on in Otley over that weekend as part of the festival. Here's a link http://www.otleyfolkfestival.com/
23rd July 2012
Many thanks to all the good folk of Crookes in Sheffield, who turned out in force to see Ray Hearne, Bay Whittaker and me at the Princess Royal folk club. The evening was a singer-songwriters' special, held as part of the Sheffield "Tramlines" festival. It was a great night: Ray and Bay were both brilliant! Very different in style but equally entertaining, with their humour and skilfully written songs. I was warmly welcomed by the crowd, who laughed and cried in all the right places (even the men were moved at times - proving wrong the old expression that "emotions are for women - sausages are for men....")

Got a few nights off from gigging now. Off to party tonight with my mate Tony Levy, for his birthday. Happy Birthday buddy!

22nd July 2011

Started to fill in dates for next southern tour, next year. It went so well last week and I've a few nights over September 2012 already planned. Don't worry though, I'm not abandoning the north! Got some Lancashire dates in June already booked and of course my old home turf of Yorkshire will continue to be my regular haunt. Love to y'all.

22nd July 2011
We had a good night at the Topic in Bradford last night. It's a nice place to play acoustically without any amplification and the audience were great! Very receptive and welcoming and we were able to play some sensitive stuff as well as the more stompin' numbers. All joined in and gave us a lovely response. Thanks y'all. It was good to hear Jon Harvison too. He joined us for one of our numbers and I joined him at the end of his set for a couple. Great fun.

Princess Royal folk club at Crookes tonight (Friday), for a songwriters' special with Ray Hearne and Bay Whittaker. Looking forward to that.

Jenny and Simon (Strid) get married today! Congratulations to you both. (about bloomin' time, I say.. heh-heh)

19th July 2011
Back home - phew! The last two weeks have been brilliant as I've toured across the south of England from East to West. I've picked up a few additional gigs for next year and met some very nice people. In all honesty, I've enjoyed every night, playing to large and small audiences in a real range of venues. The Village Pump in Trowbridge is a good place. It goes back to the sixties when they originally played from on top of a hay cart (there are pictures on the wall to prove it!) but now they have a stage, lights and a nice PA system, comfy seats and a balcony. They get some good guests there too.
Lee Mill folk club in Devon was a hilarious night, MC John had us in stitches and I got to hear my old mate Lobby do a song as a floor spot. Very nice too. The audience were welcoming and lively and I really enjoyed playing there.

Warwick folk club gave me a good welcome last night and they all sang with me with good heart. Met Sean Cannon (of "The Dubliners") there and his son Bob. He's a nice guy. Softly spoken, and with a fine sense of humour. I used to do "The Rocky Road to Dublin" a few years ago and I enjoyed singing it with him last night.

Thursday of this week finds me at the Topic folk club, with my mate Dave Bowie, who'll be accompanying me on double bass. Come along and see us if you can. It'll be a good night.

Finally, many grateful thanks for those good people who have provided me with a bed for the night to enable my first trip to the south to be viable, especially Jane and Chris, Joshua Dunne, Moya and David, Lobby and Jeany, and Jack Robinson. Love to y'all x

12th July 2011
I had a successful night at the Beacon folk club in East Sussex last night, as guest. A very warm welcome from a small but enthusiastic audience. It's my first venture performing solo in the south of England where nobody knows me yet, and I'll certainly be back. Met some lovely people and made links which I'm sure will grow and grow. Thanks to everyone who has encouraged and supported me down here (or is it up here..?) Next stop is the south west.
10th July 2011
Had a great night last night at Lewes Saturday folk club in East Sussex. Met Lynne Heraud and Pat Turner. What a wonderful duo they are. Highly recommended! Hopefully I'll be back there before long. Lovely audience and a brilliant folk club.
6th July 2011

There may be a few periods of "radio silence" over the next couple of weeks, as I embark on my tour of the south of England. I've got some nice gigs coming up which you can see at the top of this page and I'll try to keep up to date and post comments on my Facebook page.

3rd July 2011
Really enjoyed listening to Lisa Marie Glover, Phil Pipe and Tony Lambert yesterday at Cleckheaton festival. What a great, musical room. And a nice audience too. Thanks for coming and joining in the singing. The walls rang with it and it was brilliant! Hope to see you next year.
2nd July 2011
Last night at the Abbey was FUN! A great end to the night and a brilliant start to the weekend there. I played to a wild crowd who just wanted to party! We sang, we danced, I think - I thought, I was Elvis for a moment... but then John sneaked in and Paul had to come and calm things down. Oh, and I did a few songs of my own too. The audience were appreciative of everything. What a brilliant night!

Today I'm off to Cleckheaton. There'll be stuff going on all over, and I'm in the George between 4.00-6.00 pm for a short set. It's free in for this event. Last year was cram packed, but it's a good little venue. Come along and give us a shout.

30th June 2011
Good turn-out in Leeds today for the day of action. The feeling is strong to press the government to show a more sensible course of action and modify their reckless cuts. I understand the mood is tending towards further and greater industrial action. I'll be there.
30th June 2011

Well, today's an important day on the streets. All over the country, hundreds of thousands of people will be taking action to protest against the drastic cuts being made by the government and the ones which are further proposed. In Leeds, there is a march and a rally in City Square. After the speakers, I've been asked to finish off and do a couple of songs to hearten the crowd and keep the spirit. If you pay all year for a holiday hamper, you expect a holiday hamper at the end, not a rude gesture whilst you watch a greedy man eat turkey. Come and join us today brothers and sisters for Leeds Day of Action, Leeds City Square, about 12.00 mid-day.

You don't have to be on strike to be there, just concerned for your children, your parents and each other.


27th June 2011

An unusual one this... I've has been asked to perform a couple of songs to finish off the rally in Leeds City Square, being held to protest about the forthcoming pension changes being proposed by the current government. I'm not sure if you have to be on strike to attend, but what the heck! It's still a free country... Come and sing brothers and sisters, at about 12.00 mid-day in Leeds City Square.

26th June 2011
Had a great day yesterday recording with the Backyard Buskers. Thanks guys. Brilliant harmony singing! Spent today mixing and working on the tracks for the new CD. Still on course for mid-August release. Tim Caesar coming round tomorrow to play some piano with me. Can't wait!
24th June 2011
Thanks to some old friends (and some new ones) for turning up at the Princess Royal last night. We had a great gig and a lovely response from everyone. Spilt my beer but didn't fall off me box this time. The Backyard Buskers were great. I love their harmonies. Kathy borrowed the box and it made her even taller. Nice night.
23rd June 2011

Played at Rivelin folk last night. The new location is nice, lots of space and a friendly barman. Thanks Ian, for a slightly longer set.  I'm at Crooke's tonight playing for South Yorkshire Pete. He keeps trying to sell CDs for me that aren't out yet! (laughs) On the acoustic double bass tonight will be Dave Bowie Jr. It's almost twice as good when he's with me... (more laughs)

Just been interviewed in Dan Wagstaffe's Blog Spot. Have a look if you've time to hear me rambling. Here's the link: http://danwagstaffespeaksup.blogspot.com/2011/06/q-folk-musician-philip-cockerham.html 

The new album is coming along nicely. Just had my old mate Tim Caesar in on piano for a track or two. That was good. And we've a few special voices to add soon. I'm off now to pump up my tyres. Got a gig tonight.

22nd June 2011
Enjoyed a special "summer solstice" evening at the Guide Inn near Howarth last night. It was a grey and damp evening outside but we made our own sunshine inside the pub with music and song. Lots of good performers and a friendly welcome from the pub staff. This might become a regular event, perhaps monthly or even more frequently. The Guide Inn are very keen to have us all back and I'll certainly be going back there.

I've also just published the cover for my new CD album "Janglebuddy" (to find it, go back to the start page then click "on CD".) There's a whole bunch of new songs on it, some I've been performing recently and some brand new. It's got a some wonderful guests appearing on it too (more to say about this later.) The cover artwork and the sleeve design is by a brilliant young artist called Ruth Switalski from Glasgow School of Art. http://ruthswitalski.tumblr.com/ I'm so grateful to her for her patience and skills.

"Janglebuddy" will be available around mid-August.

18th June 2011
(early Sat morning...) Aaagh! Why do they close motorways without telling you properly on the way there, then send you on a diversion for about 25 miles without a fuel stop on the way home, at 2.00 in the morning, in the rain, miles from home... ended up in the same place 3 times. Need a cup of tea now.
The gig was brilliant though! Go to Northwich folk club. They are so welcoming. A Scotsman bought me a beer as I entered the place. Never even met him before. Cheers, Jamie. And we're arranging another gig for next year. Hope Dave can do it. He's great to have there, when he's not off hob-nobbing with pop stars... ;-)  zzz
17th June 2011
Went to Crookes folk at the Princess Royal last night. Enjoyed listening to the guest, Steve Chapman-Smith. Dave and I are there next week. First time in Sheffield together. It's a new town for the "band". And the following month, I'm doing a singer-songwriter evening there with Ray Hearne and Bay Whittaker. That'll be fun. Come to both!
12th June 2011
I've just updated the gig list for July and posted the dates at the top of this page. Have a browse just in case you're in the area. It's Kent first, then East Sussex, Wiltshire, Devon, finishing that run in Warwickshire. Then back to Yorkshire for the Topic Folk Club on 21st July.
11th June 2011

Just confirmed a night as guest at the Beacon Folk Club in Kent. Apparently, Rab Noakes has pulled out for some reason (hope he's ok) and I'm stepping in. Rab would have filled the place, but we'll probably be rattling around in there. We'll just have to move close and it'll be a great night.

Got a couple of floor spots planned ahead of that in Kent and East Sussex, but I'll mention those later.

10th June 2011
I'm delighted to say that on one of the evenings during my visit to the south of England in mid-July, I will be performing as the support for the wonderful Michael Chapman, at the Village Pump in Trowbridge. If there are any of you in the Bristol, Plymouth, Brighton or Canterbury areas interested in seeing me, I shall be publishing a set of dates from 8th-18th July for the south of England, where you can see me performing floor spots and extended support slots for a number of people. The dates will be shown when all are confirmed.               Watch this space!
8th June 2011

I've had a few nice nights out lately. Went to Mansfield Brown Cow folk club last night and heard Bob Harley. (No, not Bob Marley, though I did look twice.) Great voice. And what a turn out! Who said folk music wasn't healthy and flourishing? Well it is Nottinghamshire. I'll be there in November and I'm looking forward to it. Everyone was very nice to me tonight. Hope you all come back in November.

Heard Andrew Gold died yesterday. I'm very sad. He was a mate of Peter and Jane Asher, I think. And he wrote some good songs. Songs of my youth, I remember him well. RIP Andrew.

Peace to y'all.

25th May 2011
Had a good gig at Sandbach Folk Club last night but the journey home from Cheshire to Leeds was horrendous! There were road works on the motorway everywhere. After an hour, the detour had taken me almost back where I started. I must have done an extra thirty miles, making it an even longer trip. Bah! However, the good people of Sandbach had given me a great reception and I was able to bask in my own rosy glow all the way home. Thanks folks! Planning to be back there early next year.
22md May 2011
Had a nice evening listening to the Backyard Buskers at Crookes "Friday Folk" Club, in Sheffield last night. Spot on 3 part harmonies. Good support set from Jack Whitam too. We were made very welcome and I played a few songs and then had a drink and enjoyed the night.  Nice beer too.
10th May 2011
It was good night at Bacup Folk Club last night. We played to a small but very welcoming and worthwhile audience on a Monday night, who clearly enjoyed the gig. I sold a surprising number of CDs, in relation to the size of the audience and I look forward to returning there. Thanks to all who came to see us.
On a less cheerful note, I'm sad to see the demise of another promising folk club. that at Altrincham, in Cheshire. They have closed their doors for the last time without much notice. It's a shame as they had a great venue and seemingly, a good membership. Good luck to all involved for the future.
8th May 2011
Had a good night at Holmfirth festival last night. Some great performances from a number of people, but the top show for me was from Pilgrim's Way, a brilliant trio who mesmerised the room for a very enjoyable half an hour or so. Google them and have a listen for yourselves. Thanks to Gerry and Ani McNeice, and to Shaun Murphy for organising the night and for my slot.
Dave and I are playing at Bacup Folk Club tomorrow night. Please come and see us if you are in the area.( It's a nice venue.)
28th April 2011
Well It's finally happened! After many a wobbly moment in the past, last night I fell off my portable "stage" in front of a crowd of people at Henry Boons in Wakefield. They didn't know if it was part of the act or just a terribly embarrassing moment for me. A few laughed, some people were worried and a gasp was heard around the room (or maybe that was just me...) Someone later suggested it was like watching a barrel walker slowly losing the struggle to stay upright. But I kept playing and singing all the way through. Thanks to Steve for coming to my assistance and saving the situation.

Actually, it was a great night at Boons. Finola O'Driscol started the night with her beautiful voice, Gloria Jeffries was brilliant and the Troubadors were their usual exciting selves. I remain a novelty for some people and I am wondering how to surpass my behaviour for future gigs. Maybe crowd surfing..? But I'd probably miss the crowd and just break my teeth...

16th April 2011
Played a set at the Craven Acoustic Festival yesterday afternoon. It was a return invitation after my appearance last year and it was just as good. Enjoyed watching the others, including the exciting Sarah Horn and James Cudworth and then went on to do my own half an hour in front of an attentive family audience. Even the children stayed with me and got into the groove. Great sound from organisers: soundman John and MC links from Bob. I believe they have broken their target in collecting for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance and the festival continues today, although I can't be there. Hope it's just as good a day for everyone.
15th April 2011
Last night we played at the Phoenix Theatre in Bawtry. What a lovely place! The audience were split into those who knew us and had come specially, and those who didn't know anything about us. It seemed everyone had a good time and the response was fantastic. Reluctant singers were coaxed into joining in and the buzz was great. Thanks to Barrie for the gig, and for all the people who made us welcome. A tasty supper was provided afterwards for the performers and organisers and we were able to relax and have a laugh and a chat. I'm looking forward to returning there.
14th April 2011
Went to the Grove in Leeds last night, for "Open Mind" night and did a couple of songs. I love the Grove. It's one of the first places I played on my own and it's always a good night. (Did a gig there last year.) Last night there was a barber shop quartet who did some great songs. It's close enough to home so I can get the bus and have a few drinks. Enjoyed it thoroughly and even got a lift home. (Thanks to Vic)

10th April 2011

It was a nice, barmy night at the Abbey Inn. I seemed to play for a long time and enjoyed every minute. The strangest thing was the cheers and responses from unseen audience members in the other room, who joined in singing, clapping and laughing (at the right times) and I never even clapped eyes on them. They probably think I am young and handsome because that's what I told them. "Distance Entertainment" is a new concept for me. We'll have to see how that one goes... Thanks to everyone.

9th April 2011

We had a great night at Gainsborough Folk Club last night. A lovely, warm crowd who made us feel very welcome. They joined in singing with everything and even helped me when I forgot the words! Thanks to everyone who came. There were a good few people who had never been to a folk club before, as well. They all seemed to enjoyed it and I hope they feel they would do it again....

Tonight, it's the Abbey Inn in Leeds. It's always nice to play there. They've a festival there too, in July. I'll be there at some point.

5th April 2011

Forgive the radio silence over the last couple of weeks. I've had a strange time with lots going on. Had a nasty car crash a couple of weeks ago - not my fault and thankfully nobody had long term injuries, but these things tend to hijack your life for a while with all the fuss and sorting out that has to be done. With a bit of careful juggling, I managed to fulfil all my commitments and I've not had to cancel anything, so it's all ok in the end. Friday's gig in Gainsborough is still on and I'm looking forward to it. There was a question over the venue as I heard they'd had a burst water pipe, but apparently it's fixed and we're good to go ahead.

I received a cheque from Charlie Barker last week for some sales of the charity Christmas CD we did, and so the total can now be updated to £433.27. I'll be sending the additional money to the charity Help for Heroes this week. Thanks Charlie!

My own CD is coming along nicely and it shouldn't be too long now before its release.

12th March 2011

Went to Enoch's Hammer Folk Club last night. What a great crowd! And well done to Mark and Fiona for building up such a thriving club. I've been a couple of times before, but last night was the best so far. The room was packed and when we started to pound the beat, I thought we might be too much for the floor or ceiling below! No worries though, we all survived smiling. I met Jon Harvison there last night; we're doing a gig together at the Topic in July (see dates list) so it was nice to put a face with a name.

11th March 2011

I'm sorry to say that my forthcoming gig at the King's Arms in Heaton, in June, has been cancelled. It's a sign of the times, I think. People have little spare money and the place has not been getting enough folk in to support live music. I'm a bit disappointed as my last gig there saw quite a good crowd, but I understand that some of the other evenings have not been as successful and have had very small audiences. I guess the management there have had to make a decision regarding the direction of their business and so they've simplified the whole thing by cutting live music. Good luck for the future to Andy and the team. Hang in there folks, it's a great place and it deserves to survive.

On a brighter note, I visited the Black Swan Folk Club in York last night. I always enjoy going there and I had a lovely greeting from the regulars and a warm response from the audience when I played, many of whom had not seen me before. Thank you to everyone who was there, I hope you find your way to see me again somewhere.

8th March 2011

I've posted a couple more gigs on the dates list and there are some more to confirm soon. I'm keeping the list to just ones for this year at the moment, otherwise it gets a bit silly. But I'll also still keep turning up places unannounced. That's part of the fun. I find somewhere new and often have a great night discovering brilliant musicians and audiences. And sometimes they book me too...... :-)

2nd March 2011

Enjoyed my visit to the Chorley Folk show, where I was welcomed by James Blatchley high up in Radio House. We played three songs from CD and I did four live. Chatted and laughed for an hour or so on air and had a cup of tea. Thanks for all the emailed in comments and texts.

1st March 2011

Had a pretty good week, travelling around visiting clubs and doing a bit of singing. The gigs are creeping in for later in the year and there are last minute events coming up soon. Keep watching the gig list!

Tonight I'm visiting Chorley FM in Lancashire to perform a few songs live, play some from CD and to chat with James Blatchley, the host of "Chorley Folk". I'm on between 8 pm - 9 pm and you can find us on 102.8 FM or live online at http://new.chorley.fm/ Unfortunately, I don't think there is a "listen again" facility on this station (although I might be wrong...) so it'll probably only be "as it happens".

Somebody tells me I've had an entry in Wikipedia. Not seen it yet, but I'm going to have a look. Hope it's true what they say about me!

22nd February 2011

We enjoyed our night at Skipton Folk Club last night. It's a great place for enthusiastic participation. People really sing with heart and it was nice. We had a warm welcome. It's the first time I've visited the Narrowboat Inn recently when it's not snowed (and I was keeping a weather eye out just in case!) It's a great club and I always wish someone else was driving, since there are so many GREAT BEERS! Next time maybe......

20th February 2011

I'm working on the next album today. I've got more songs than I can fit on it so it's going to be choosing time soon. The last one had 15 tracks and each one was a case where somebody had said, "Oh no... you can't leave that one out.." I think this CD might end up like that, a huge collection of stuff. Anyway, I'm gigging some of the songs and have been for a little while. (That's how I'm hoping I'll know which ones to pick.)

Come down to Skipton Folk Club tomorrow evening if you can and help me choose. I'll be playing stuff old and new and accompanying me on the acoustic double bass will be the wonderful Dave Bowie Jr.  I hope to see you there.

16th February 2011

Enjoyed last night's gig in Bradford, at the King's Arms. Responsive crowd and a great atmosphere. I'll be coming back here.

15th February 2011

Just had a great rehearsal with Dave Bowie Jr on double bass. Just checking the gig list, he's doing quite a few of them with me in the next few weeks, when we go out as a duo. Fantastic!

Also, I'm glad to see that Tom Bliss has found his new lease of life and is back out playing again. We dragged him out a few times last summer after his "retirement" and we changed his mind. I think he likes music again now, after all. Good luck to him.

14th February 2011

Enjoyed listening to my old friend Duncan McFarlane and Anne Brivonese, the guests on Durbervilles last night. Brilliant and beautiful. Thanks to Dunc for the mention of our charity CDs. As he says, more of these CDs can be made available if people want them. All further takings for this will be collected and sent in time to Help for Heroes, a worthwhile cause.

Happy 1st birthday to Morley Folk Club this week, on Wednesday actually. Guests for the night are my  friends Jenny and Simon, together known as Strid. Hope it's a good night. Unfortunately, I can't be there as I've got my own gig in Bradford that night, but knock yourselves out everyone. Best Wishes for the next year and beyond.

10th February 2011

I was asked to do the feature slot at Fleetwood folk club last night, as the guest couldn't do it. Nice bunch of people there. There was a guy called Mike who had an Indian harmonium, like mine. It fitted in great with the resident players and had a lovely sound. Looking forward to my next visit there.

9th February 2011

I've just posted the receipt from Help for Heroes on this website. Click here > You may remember, we raised £411.27 with the sale of 300 copies of a 3 track single "Hard World - songs for peace", which featured appearances from my friends: Dave Bowie Jr, Charlie Barker, Tom Bliss, Duncan McFarlane and Jo Lewis. Thank you so much to everyone who supported this fund-raising project and bought the CD.

The intention was also to raise awareness of the situation many injured ex-service men and women face after they have served. Understanding and support for their injuries (whether mental or physical) is often insufficient and these folks are sometime left to flounder. The money raised certainly does not go to help anyone fight and it is not there to support conflict nor to encourage war. Indeed, I am against the very nature of war, but I am realistic enough to know that any civilised society needs those who are prepared to keep it safe and we will always need peace-keeping troops. And when governments change and the blame is shrugged off and passed on, the young men and women who simply follow instructions are still there to pick up the pieces, often to their own cost.

It's a complicated issue and I've had many conversations with people who are trying to make their own sense of it. But I know why I made the effort to help and I'm glad I did. Peace to you all...

4th February 2011

It was a nice night at Chorlton Folk Club last night - full house and a lovely atmosphere. Dave and I were made very welcome at the club and it was a very enjoyable evening. There were some good floor singers and local duo, Tom and Lucy, were great. We'll be back there again before too long, I'm sure and I'll look forward to it.

3rd February 2011

I'm sorry to announce that the gig at Dearne Valley Folk, to be held on 12th March, will no longer take place. The gig has been cancelled, due to difficulties in maintaining the folk club's viability. Dearne Valley Folk club will no longer continue to run after Feb 2011. Good luck to the organisers, Charlie and John in the future and with all their other projects.

However, I am happy to say that tonight's gig at Chorlton Folk Club will take place as planned. Hope to see a good crowd for a great night.

1st February 2011

Hey, it's good to be getting out and about on nice, dry nights. Spring round the corner and new gigs coming in... I'll be confirming a few more things for the summer soon, so keep watching the news and events page.

Called in at Bacup Folk Club last night and did a few numbers to a lovely crowd. Enjoyed the main guests too, "Motor Pike and Side Carp". Nice atmosphere there...

Hope to see a few people at Chorlton on Thursday. It'll be a good one.

30th January 2011

I am once again delighted to announce that I will be accompanied at a number of my forthcoming gigs by the wonderful Dave Bowie Jr. on double bass - bowed, plucked and slapped as he feels fit. The first of these is on this Thursday 3rd Feb at Chorlton Folk Club in south west Manchester. Admission is just £2 (or maybe £3... I'm not sure) and we will perform a 45 minute set, followed by local duo Tom Allias and Lucy.

Later this month, on 21st Feb, Dave will be performing with me again at Skipton Folk Club, North Yorkshire.

12 January 2011

Jut been "talking" with Dan Wagstaffe (Writer and Director of "Bang Up or Pay Back") about making another short film with him. I'll tell you more later ..... but here's a link to his blog spot: http://danwagstaffespeaksup.blogspot.com/2011/01/thanks-to-yorkshire-folk-musician.html

10th January 2011

Had an enjoyable session with the Durbervilles on radio Leeds last night. I played 3 songs, including this one, my contemporary version of the "Cockade". I've written some new words and I call it "The New Beret".         I always feel a bit sad when I sing it. But it's from the heart.... listen to > " The New Beret"                    The other two songs I did on the show were "I Wish I'd Met Somebody" and "100 New year Promises". You can catch the whole show for a week or so on: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p001d7kk until they stop streaming it.

I'm also very pleased to say that all 300 copies of the charity CD single/e.p. "Hard World - songs for peace" were sold across clubs and pubs in northern England during Christmas and New Year. Each copy cost £2 and all performers gave their time and skills free. After costs charged for duplication, the sum of £411.27 was raised for the servicemen and women's charity ,"Help for Heroes". A cheque will be forwarded to them shortly. I would like to thank everyone who bought a copy and helped, especially those who contributed more than the asking price! There are some very generous people.... Peace to you all.

5th January 2011

Happy New Year to everyone! After a timely break of a few days, I'm stepping out into the light again. Played at the Grant Arms Hotel last night with a guy called Phil Middleton and his partner Gaynor. Enjoyed them, two good singers.

The money is still trickling in for the charity single "Hard World" which occupied most of December's attention and triggered some interesting conversations. I'm glad I did it. I sang for peace and raised money for "Help for Heroes." I don't find a conflict between helping wounded soldiers and advocating for peace. Maybe one day there won't be any wounded and they can assist in disaster relief or something. Anyway, awareness and a will to help is maybe a first step. People's response was great and we sold hundreds of CDs. And the feeling when a crowd of folk are singing "All Pull Together" is something I can't explain, magic......

Tune in on Sunday 8.00-9.00 pm to the Durbervilles on 92.4 fm, 93.5 or online at:


                                                                                             and I'll see you there for a few songs.


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Always please check that gigs are on before travelling any distance. It's rare, but sometimes things don't go as planned.