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You'll probably know this traditional tune as being from the Lewis Bridal Song or Mairi's Wedding. Here's my version. I've added some new words and I've called it ' In the Wake of Maggie'. Here is a rough take recorded one afternoon on just three tracks:  firstly a guitar and voice together, then mandolin, then lastly the second voice. It was a first 'take' each time and all the mistakes are there too, but what the heck... I'm still bedding it in. At least you can see and hear it and have a go yourself. Oh, and the guitar is in DADGAD tuning with a capo on the fifth fret.
                                                                                           Have fun, Phil.                                                                         > PLAY THE SONG < 

                                        In The Wake of Maggie                                                                                      (tune traditional, words by Philip Cockerham © 2012 - adapted from John Bannerman/Hugh Robertson)

('dadgad' guitar in the key of G, using chords G, G, C and D  repeated each line)

Step we madly, on we go, heel for heel and toe for toe
Arm in arm and row on row, in the wake of Maggie (x 2)

Plenty men all stood in line,  nothing else to fill their time
Whilst the governors swill their wine, all for sake of Maggie
Over hill-way up and down, concrete grey, decaying brown
Jobless rise in every town, thatís the work of Maggie

Step we madly, on we go, etc. (x 2)

Villages and mines are gone, sympathies were always wrong
Sold the house where I was born, thatís the work of Maggie
Stole the milk from mouths of bairns, medicines and gas and air...
We lost the wear-with-all to care, thatís the work of Maggie

Step we weary, on we go, etc. (x 2)

Loyalties were always torn, haveís and have-notís on their own
Bitter generations spawned, thatís the work of Maggie
Sowed the seeds of social change, altered laws and altered ways
Now a new behaviour reigns, thatís the work of Maggie

Step we mildly.., on we go, etc. (x 4)

... and when the moment finally dawns and the final breath is drawn
Then itís just down to natureís laws and weíll all remember MaggieÖ

© Philip Cockerham 2012

contact: philipcockerham@hotmail.co.uk


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