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         NEW CD - available from 1st March 2019   

                              'Chimera Spring'

                         To buy a copy please contact  philipcockerham@hotmail.com


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Philip Cockerham is a British singer, performer and songwriter.   He is based in West Yorkshire, England, but plays nationally on the folk and acoustic music scene.      www.philipcockerham.com

His songs contain a range of themes, sometimes topical or humorous and often thought-provoking, with memorable hooks and irresistible choruses! There are also some familiar traditional songs delivered in a refreshingly different way. It's not surprising that Phil Cockerham has a growing reputation for original material and entertaining performances.  read more >           

 < back to start                                                                                                                              Supported with a collection of acoustic instruments, Phil Cockerham captivates audiences with his music performed in a range of styles. His relaxed and confident personality instantly engages and puts people at their ease. Whether he is performing solo, or as most often is the case when he is accompanied by ace double bass player, Dave Bowie  and percussionist/harmonist Dickie Dixon, an enjoyable night is promised.

His influence has often inspired others to pick up their own music and speak for themselves. Since his emergence in recent years, many people have discovered Phil Cockerham and his songs, and other musicians have covered and recorded songs he has written. Others have said:

"His music is charismatic and powerful...totally traverses the old and new, yet Philip has his own style and take on things too..." (Jumbo Records)

"...he is an impressive performer and songwriter... with engaging songs ranging from topical and catchy tunes to thoughtful ballads." (Craven Herald and Pioneer)

"Amazing voice, tells it like it is, one not to miss...." (Cleethorpes Folk and Cider Festival)

"Some might say we've just had the best guest night of the year... Phil's songs range from the painfully sad to the side splitting hilarious with the odd cracking chorus thrown in." (Bollington Folk Club)

""..still still buzzing from the trio's performance at Crookes Folk Club... When I go to a really great gig, I get lost in the performance, carried away to somewhere you might say.., It doesn't happen to me that often, but it happened on Thursday. Philip was singing the lines 'Ain't gonna play the game no more, Ain't gonna play the game no more' I can't get them out of my head now! Thank you Philip, Dave & Dickie for a performance that will live with me for the rest of my life."  (Steve Cooper , Cookes Folk Club)

"...there is a great range of message from funny, to comment, to the more serious and all supported by some brilliant guitar work." (Acoustic Rotherham)"...he has a strong sense of melody and arrangement." (Joe Grint - Tykes Folk and Roots magazine)

"('Fighting in Whispers') .. is one of those consummate pieces of work which you only occasionally have the good fortune to come across." (Jim Lawton - Tykes News)  more  >>>


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  NEW CD - available from 1st March 2019

   'Chimera Spring'

A collection of seven original songs previously unreleased by Phil. This CD includes a couple of songs which have been regularly well received by audiences and others which are brand new and previously unheard. Phil is joined by Dave Bowie on double bass, Dickie Dixon on harmonium and percussion and Katy Ryder on alto sax. 

    To buy a copy please contact:      philipcockerham@hotmail.com



"Running Man"

Eagerly awaited by many, this an album  including twelve new songs which pull no punches and get straight to the point. Phil is joined again by some great performers including the legendary double bass player Dave Bowie and harmonium and percussion player Dickie Dixon amongst others to produce a collection of songs that you'll want to keep going back to.

Produced by Philip Cockerham and Steve Crow





"Janglebuddy" (2011)

The second CD album by Philip Cockerham, released in 2011 and featuring a bunch of great songs and some more wonderful guests. The album is available at all appearances and via this website through Jumbo records.

For samples of songs from 'Janglebuddy' > click here




"Waiting For The Age of Reason"  (2010 )

The first CD album by Philip Cockerham contains 15 original tracks and has a few invited friends playing.

It has been well received by those who have heard it and many songs from this album have had regular plays on radio stations across the country, both commercial and on the BBC.

This album is available at all appearances and  through contact with this website. Cover design by Bruce Wilson.

Click > here  for a short burst of some of the songs.

listen to more songs Philip Cockerham 2014
















  Click pictures to listen to samples of previous albums




Watch "Live" Videos of Phil Cockerham

   I'm So Happy I'm A Banker  (  Philip Cockerham)                              (Recorded   live at Kirkby Fleetham Folk Club Nov 2012)

    All Pull Together    Philip Cockerham                   Recorded live at the Wath Festival 2010 with BB&C

    I Wish I'd Met Somebody  Philip Cockerham)               Recorded live at the Craven Festival 2010

   100 New Year Promises Philip Cockerham 2010

Free Download Songs

    Cockade Philip Cockerham 2010)                                     (tune trad. - words adapted Philip Cockerham 2010)                 

       Green Blues Philip Cockerham (2010)       (from the album "Waiting For The Age of Reason")

For samples from the CD album

'Chimera Spring'

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  For samples from the CD album    


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For samples from the CD album

"Waiting For The Age of Reason" 

 < click here >


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To contact Phil Cockerham and for all enquiries, please email: philipcockerham@hotmail.co.uk


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